mom words

Do you ever find yourself saying the weirdest things as a mom? I mean, sentences and phrases that after you say them you repeat them silently to yourself and think, "What the heck??" I do...all of the time. Here are just a few that happened yesterday, just yesterday.

-Did you put that sock in the toilet?

-Ok, thats it. No more digging through the trash.

-You may not eat that crayon!!

-Evaleigh spit the sticker out.

-Shoes are not for your mouth they are for our feet.

Can you tell we still are in the everything in the mouth stage? EJ is a mess but gosh I love her.


Jessie said...

My personal favorite: Don't eat the dog food! Yuck! Haha. Being a mom is crazy, but so much fun.

Jessica Holly said...

That photo is dreamy!

susanne @ tall pine nest said...

i think about this all the time! and i catch myself sounding like my own mom all the time, too.
i agree, that's a great photo!!!

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