finding out

Saturday we find out what our new baby is!  We can hardly wait.
I was pretty set on wanting another girl until about two weeks ago.  All of the sudden my heart longed for a little boy.  Its a good thing you can't pick the gender of your baby, I would never be able to decide.  I would love to EJ to have a little sister because I feel like I've got this girl thing down but lately I have seen a lot of big sisters and little brothers and its pretty adorable.
I'm feeling great now that we are in full second trimester mode. I am trying to prep Evie any way I can.  We are playing with baby dolls a lot, looking at pictures of babies, and trying to streamline nap routines and facilitate more independence.  I can't believe how much things are going to change for us in the next few months.  I'm not really nervous yet because it still seems pretty far away but I know it will be here faster than I think.

Can't wait to know what you are little baby, keep those teeny kicks coming!


The Michelle Show said...

Girl your little belly is so cute! You're only about 5 weeks ahead of me, soo exciting :) Do you find that youre showing faster this time??

amy D said...

Yeah! I'm so excited to hear what this one is. And you look absolutely adorable, friend!! :)

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