one of those days

You know the kind of day where everything around you starts imploding?

That was today. 

It was 1:51 and I was leaving CJ's for my 2pm OB appointment.   My car told me that I had 0 miles left to go. Fantastic. I made my way up Roswell Road in hopes that we could actually get up the hill. Evaleigh had just woken up from a nap so in an effort to curb her whines and grumps I gave her a tube of chapstick. This is one of our usual desperation moves which normally works wonders. We putted safely in to the Shell and I looked in to the back seat to find my child's face and fingers covered in strawberry chapstick. She just smiled at me which only revealed more chapstick on her teeth and tongue that was being consumed.

It was only then that I realized that all she had had to eat thus far in the day was 4 bites of cereal and a handful of cheezits that some little girls shared with her at church earlier that morning. 

Awesome mom award.

I squirt about 10 bucks in and hopped back in the car assuring her that real food was on the way. "But its 1:56...What am I going to feed this child?!" I made my way to the doctors office and on the way had the revelation that I had 1/3 of my leftover Big Buford in the floor board of the car that I had earlier that day.  It was one of those experiences where you are sitting in a drive thru and wondering, "Why am I doing this?  I don't even have my food yet and I regret this decision." 

After I found a parking spot I shamefully added that nasty burger to the bottom of the stroller and we booked it to the 7th floor, naturally after missing the elevator the first time.  We checked in at 2:12 and I rushed to the back to leave my "sample".

It was then that I saw that somehow Evie had found a stray cheezit and was seconds away from eating it.  Then she dropped it on the floor and it bounced back behind the toilet. "Uh oh...uh oh...uh ohhhhh.....", she kept repeating as I fumbled around my ginormous belly to pee in to that tiny tiny cup.  She was so frustrated and SO hungry.  "Its ok baby, mommy has something else delicious for you to eat, just one minute ok?"

We went back to the waiting room where I pulled out my smuggled burger. It was my only life line left and I had to use it. Finally we could sink in to our chairs for a bit and hopefully she could eat. To my surprise she took a few bites but not too soon after the nurse came to the door to call me back. Crap...I was caught. I gathered up all of our things and wheeled us back to room 16. Maybe this could be our sanctuary and the poor child could EAT! Nope. 

We were faced with a whole new set of distractions. EJ was pointing at everything and asking to touch it. She wouldn't accept any toys in our bag so I looked around in desperation for something to distract her.

An ultrasound sheath?

A model of a uterus?

We settled on a magazine.

A few minutes passed and right between the time Evie was putting her baby under her shirt and the time she started taking interest in the stirrups Dr. Glorious Perfect Timing came in. I just adore everything about my OB. She let Evie play with the tape measure and help listen to the baby's heart beat. All was well and as we were leaving the nurse at the front gave EJ 2 stickers. 

It made her day.

On the way home I looked in the rear view mirror and found my daughter eating the stickers. 

Why not top off our diet of chapstick and nasty burgers with a little sticker?

When we finally made it home I filled her little belly with peaches, milk, and spaghetti.

And that was most of my day.


amy D said...

Amazing. Loved this. :) I always gave Molly an extra pee cup (clean, of course!) to keep her entertained at my appointments. She was fascinated putting the cap on and taking it off!! :)

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