one down

I just really can't believe a month passed by as quickly as it did.  Avett is such a happy addition to our family.  He is quite the record setter for weight and size.  He never even had the chance to wear newborn diapers, he went straight in to size ones at the hospital.  When he was two weeks old those were already too tight on him and John had to go buy size twos.  He skipped all of the newborn clothes we had and he is in 3 month clothes.  Those are already snugging up on him as of this week!  The fact that he spits up major after every feeding and I go through about 4 shirts everyday doesn't seem to affect his weight at all.  At his one month appointment he was 13 pounds and 9 ounces, his daddy is so proud. The pediatrician says that his growth curve isn't a curve at all, it's a straight up line.  If I move him at all when I nurse him he will growl at me, I've learned not to mess with his food.  He takes meal time very seriously.

He is starting to make little noises and is quite smiley. He seems more vocal than Evie was at this age.  He has the saddest chin quiver when he cries and when he stretches he shakes his fist at you like a little Italian guy.  He tolerates Evaleigh's hugs and kisses and violent seat swinging.  He loves the Bjorn and baths. He has a bad case of the second child syndrome.  Everyday you will find him in a pink swing, pink bibs, and his sisters hot pink cloth diaper cover.  We are building his character.


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