twenty two

Evaleigh Joy,

You are such a miracle to watch.  I am honored to be your mother.  I love watching you fold your arms to pray every night before bed.  You put a happiness in my heart that only you can do.  I love watching you learn and I love teaching you.  This week we took a walk in the orchard and we found a birds nest in one of the peach trees, I told you that nests are where baby birds and their mamas live.  Later on our walk we came across the fig tree and we picked every last single one.  Then we came across 5 huge holly trees and I helped you pick a couple of sprigs with bright red berries on them.  You loved walking around with them in your hand while repeating your newly learned word over and over again, "Berries!".  After we went back to the side of the house we were sitting under the tree and admiring our findings from the walk.  I told you that birds eat berries.  You got an excited look in your eye and hopped down from the chair and started running towards the orchard, you turned back for a moment and said, "Bye!"  and then continued on your way.  I didn't think much of it at the moment but then you went straight to that peach tree and started putting the red holly berries in the nest.  My heart melted at your compassion and thought for the birds even though they are gone for winter.  You amaze me with your knowledge and understanding.

What a glorious little spirit you are.
I've missed doing your monthly videos and updates since one turned one.  Since then 10 wonderful months have gone by.  You've changed so much in that time.  
You make me laugh hard every single day.
Today we spent 20 minutes playing with my squishy post partum belly and I think it was the funniest thing you'd seen all day.  You kept pointing at my stretch marks and calling them boo-boos.

You are becoming your own person minute by minute and I love seeing it.  I am impressed by your compassion, humor, and brilliance.  You are talking so much every single day and have started repeating just about everything. 
We are working on improving some words however.  You try ever so desparately to say "socks"  but somehow that s is replaced with a c....uh oh.  Its a word that we use everyday and we are trying pretty hard to correct it!
You call your little brother "Bay-dit".  I don't even want to try and correct that one because its so cute. 
Aunt Rebekah had her baby girl 3 weeks after Avett was born and her name is Kate but you call her Cake.  Well...we could just about eat her up like a cake, she is beautiful.
You love to sing.  You can match pitch and every time you even see music notes you sing in a high pitched opera voice.  You love to go to the piano and play it and sing along and make up songs.  
You are such a daddy's girl.  I love seeing you love your daddy.  I feel like I've missed you a lot since Avett was born but I am enjoying seeing a little girl blossom out from your new role as a big sister.  I still see you as my little baby though.  I can imagine your big chubby cheeks and your pretty eyes just closed for a nap and you laying in my arms.  I loved the days we spent together just the two of us and I will never forget them.  Thank you for being my first born.  Thank you for loving me through my mistakes, you deserve a great mother and I try to be that for you every day.  I love you more than you'll ever know.

your mama


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