5 months

Avett Murphy!  I just don't know where to start with you. I never knew I could be so in love.  I am sitting here in the bedroom in the old blue rocker holding you while you sleep.  I don't get to do this very often because I am so busy during the day with your sister that when you do take your naps I have to lay you down in your crib.  You are SO heavy.  You are just a really solid mass of a baby.  You are so strong and you always like to do things early and fast and much too ahead of your age.  

You smile all of the time.  You are just about the flirtiest baby I've ever seen.  I love it.  You and your sister started laughing at each other about a month ago.  You watch her every move.  When she notices you looking at her she will start dancing or making noises and then you guys just start giggling together.  She wanted to hold you today and so I let her.  You are so big that she wanted you back off about a minute later.  But she said, "I love brother.  Teeny ears. Cute baby." I hope you will always be close.

You love to play with the baby wipes.  I can never keep you on your back.  You must be on your tummy at all times.  You started sitting up last month.  You put yourself to sleep for almost every single nap.  You love to pull the blanket up over your face when you are falling asleep.  It makes me so nervous so I always come back in after you fall asleep and take it off.  You are so good and easy going.

Everytime I pick you up from a nap you nuzzle in my neck and make an 'mmmm' sound.  I swear it sounds like you are saying mama sometimes.

I'm sorry I'm 3 months behind on your videos.  You and your sister keep me so busy that when nightime comes and you two are finally asleep all I want to do is hang out with your dad and relax.  I'll try and get to them soon.  

I am finally getting used to your bald head.  It strangely makes you look more like a baby as well as more grown up.  

You are such an amazing addition to our family. I can't believe we ever lived without you.  We are all so crazy about you and we love you.


Anonymous said...

This is perfect. You are one of the most precious mother's I have ever seen. You just love your children so much and express it in such a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing. <3

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