i want to call john

I am loving this age.  Evaleigh is every bit of a two year old.  The things that come out of her mouth are amazing. I want to record some of her regular phrases we are hearing so often.

"I wanna washa my hands!"

"OHHH, nank you mommy"

"I need a dand-daid mommy, my booboo hurts really bad."

"I love you o much!"

"Ima keep it safe."

The other day she tried to get her Barbie to bend her knees and then made her say a prayer.  

Lately she has been calling John by his first name.  Today we were riding in the car on the way to my visiting teaching appointment and she said, "I want to call John." 

She has been telling us when she wants to take a nap.  After lunch I'll ask if she is ready for her nap and she will ask for choclate milk and start walking towards her room and say, "I'm ready for my rest."

She is really into expressing her love to us and she never misses an opportunity to tell us she loves us. 

She will absolutely not let me do anything with her hair.

I feel like we have been in bandaid rehab lately because I've had to ration how many she gets per day.  She would put a bandaid on every bump she gets if I let her.  After she puts one on she will tell me, "Oh! I feel bet-or!"  Most of the time she will kiss her own booboo better and when I try she will tell me, "No! I do it." 

I bought her a box of princess bandaids the other day and after spotting Ariel in her shell bra she asked me if she was going to excercise.  At first I was confused then I realized that on the Jillian Micheals DVD we have, the backup workout girls only have on sports bras.  I'm pretty sure that was the connection.

The other day she was sitting up at the bar and she started, "ho ho ho" -ing like Santa Clause. There was nothing Christmas related anywhere in sight but I went along with it anyway.  I looked and looked and after a while I spotted a Chinese man with a long white beard on the box of Johns green tea. 

She loves to ride 'Bob', the gator my mom brought over to the house.  This past Sunday John had the idea to take a family ride on Bob and pack a snack and go eat it under the holly trees by the barn.  We sat up on the railroad ties and John started throwing a few peanuts for Nikki to eat.  Every time she would catch one in her mouth Evaleigh would laugh so hard and say, "Nikki funny!"

Tonight in the bath she had the toots and that was probably the funniest thing she'd ever experienced. I don't know if I've ever seen her laugh so hard barring her daddy tickling her. She is wonderful.


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