conversations with a 2 year old


April 7- from the back seat on the way home from pawpaws with Bekah.  The kids were having so much fun we didn't bother with feeding them a lot of dinner.  She was still hungry and must have been thinking about eating.  We hear Evaleigh say, "I like food."

While praying April 13th she said ,"thank you for Jesus water."  She was thanking Heavenly Father for the sacrament.

That same Sunday she learned Gordon b Hinckleys name and could point him out in the book I've been reading.

Evie has been wanting to wear my fake blonde hair piece that I bought for our wedding 4 years ago.  She will run to the bathroom yelling 'long hair long hair long hair!'  And get it out of the cabinet . I keep it in a big plastic ziplock.  When I got it out of the bag for her the other day she sighed in excitement and said, "gorgeous!!"

When we ask her question she will think about it for a minute and then in a high inflection respond, "um...yes!"

Everytime she greets us she says,  "well, hi!"

She will wake john up in the mornings ever so sweetly by touching his face and requesting to go downstairs.  She will wait patiently and is so sweet in the mornings.  

She hates to have pigtails but her hair is finally really growing, but most of the time with Shake her head and tell me "no pigtails mommy!"

Throughout the day she will say, "I love you and I love brother and I love daddy.  I'm happy and mommy is happy and daddy is happy and brother is happy."

We took her to Chuck-e-cheese two days ago and she keeps saying, "I need to go back. I want to go back to Chuck-e-cheese!"

Yesterday we were sharing some 'special juice' (juiced spinach, celery, apple, and lime). I asked her if she lived with Heavenly Father before she came to live with me and daddy.  She said, "yes, Heavenly Father.  I did."  

And as I'm typing this she is putting her Barbie's hands on the keyboard and she says, "Barbie is working."


Anonymous said...

Awe! She sounds like a delight to be around. How sweet! :)

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