I don't have many quiet moments in my day.  But right now I am listening to the sound of my dishwasher going and clothes in the dryer and the static of the monitors. Both of my babies are sleeping and I just sat down to fold a load of clothes.  My husband is upstairs working away and everything here is so hushed and calm.  It's dreary and dim outside as a storm is looming in the afternoon.  I feel like these days at home with my babies are so sheltered.  We live in a sacred little bubble here in our home.  We don't really get out much except for the occasional play date and the days I'm feeling brave enough to conquer the grocery store with two little ones.  I love being at home with my children.  I can feel that my soul has grown sensitive to this simple life.  Right now our world feels so untouched.


Jessica Holly said...

There really is nothing like nap time :)

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