a little girl in her mothers dress

Oh Evie, today you made my dreams come true.

This morning I taught a seminary lesson about eternal marriage.  I set up the room like a wedding reception and I had my wedding dress on display.  

About 15 years ago, well before I knew John, I started writing letters to my future husband. I would tell him about the things going on in my life and what I was doing to prepare to marry him someday.  It helped me keep an eternal perspective as a youth as to the goal that I wanted.  It is hard when you are young and there are  so many temptations and struggles placed in your way but writing these letters helped me keep an eternal perspective.

The night before John and I were married I gave him the box of letters while sitting in our rented white Mustang.  We laughed and laughed as a lot of them were pretty lame and embarrassing.  However what was clear was that even before I knew who my husband was going to be I prayed for him, thought of him, and tried my best to stay worthy of him by keeping him in my mind and trying to reflect that as best as I could with the decisions I made.

I shared some of those letters with my class today and I encouraged them to write a letter to their future husband or wife. I was amazed at how almost every single one of them went silent and took the time to write what looked like long thoughtful letters.

When I got home I hung my dress in the living room and hopped back in bed.  I woke up to Evie saying, "oh mommy, I saw your wedding dress in the living room!"  I swear. Nothing gets by her.  Later while I was getting ready to put it away she asked if she could try it on.  

Well why not?!

So we did, and she was giddy and happy and looked so beautiful.  My heart was just bursting with joy seeing her in the dress my mother made for me.  It made me hope so much that she does what ever she can in her life to look forward to the day when she gets to go to the temple with her own love to be married.  Making choices that will cause her to be worthy of that is the most important thing she will ever do. 

She tells me all of the time that she wants to marry someone like her daddy.  I tell her that he is the most kind, handsome, and genuine man I've ever met and that she has to marry someone just like him.  

Marrying my John Murphy was the best decision I ever made. Hands down.  



My dearest e.

Look how long your legs are getting.  

I love almost every sentence that comes out of your mouth. "What's in your heart?" "I'm going to rub your arm and take care of you." "Mom should we make banana swirl Popsicles while brother is asleep?" And on and on.  Most nights when I put you to bed I like to ask you, "Is there anything you want to tell me before you fall asleep?"  Many nights you come up with one little detail of the day you like to remind me about or something you'd like to do the following day and then you say, "is that a good idea?" With a big smile on your face.  But two nights ago you turned the tables and asked me, "mama is there anything you want to tell me?"  And yes, there was, so I said it.  You are a daughter of God and don't you ever forget it. 

I hope you always remember what that means. I love you fiercely my little girl.  Keep growing, keep learning, and keep being your compassionate brilliant in every sense of the word self.

Mama (which you live to say 200 times a day)

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