5 years

Last night John Murphy and I celebrated 5 years of marriage over a delicious dinner and a stroll around the bookstore. We went to look for a cookbook I've been pining for for over a year.  When it wasn't there we looked online and found it for $7.99 down from $27.99.  An anniversary miracle I tell you! Dinner was so lovely. We had the best stuffed peppadew peppers with a balsamic glaze that were out of this world. We spent 5 minutes dissecting them and figuring out how we could make them ourselves.

We shared some really exciting conversation that I am so excited about and I can't wait to make good on the things we talked about! 

I love this life we've created together and there is still so so so much in store.  I can't wait to do every single bit of it with him.  He is the perfect fit for me and encourages me to go for anything that comes to my mind. 

 He never complains when I'm overly OCD about our bed covers, jerking then around each night until they are just right. And that says just about everything you'd need to know about him. So kind, so loving, so patient. 


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