Evie says

Tonight I was running through the tasks of putting the children to bed and I asked Evaleigh to go brush her teeth and she said to me with a sigh, " Uh why do I have to do all the chores, I'm like Cinderella." I tackled her and laughed my head off about that one.

Then I was kissing her goodnight and she asked to say a prayer, which is rare she isn't big on praying unless it's her idea.  She started to pray and I peeked at her and her eyes were wide open so I told her that we close our eyes when we pray out of respect to Heavenly Father so we can focus on what we are saying to him.  She brushes the hair out of my face and said, "But mom, I was just looking at you because your hair looks so beautiful."

So thankful for her humor and beautiful spirit.  She is really in to giving device around the house these days.  She will load a dish or put laundry in the wash and say, "mom I'm giving service!"


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