halloween recap

Before we get too far away from Halloween (which we kind of are Thanksgivong is just a little more than two weeks away!) I want to document our Halloween this year.  It started off with a fun Halloween Bunco party here at Stock Gap and so many lovely women from the Monroe Ward came. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just love women.  I had too much fun decorating for Halloween this year and did a little more than usual because of Evie.  She LOVES Halloween.  She would beg me to take her to the Halloween store next to Target and we would just walk around and look at all of the decorations.  She was obsessed and it was so much fun to watch her like something that I never taught her to like, it is a part of her personality all on her own.  So we decked the house out for Halloween and she would walk around saying, "spooky scary!" While wiggling her fingers at me.

Then we went to my sisters where I had a pumpkin carving accident while trying to make a Halloween memory with the kids. My hands were slippery from scooping out the pumpkins guts.  I went to carve the eye with the aerated kitchen knife I was using and the blade was up and while pushing my had slipped down the blade.  I kept my cool in front of the kids and just stood up and said calmly, "I need to go to the emergency room." My sister took me to the ER for stitches while Joe was a hero and watched all 5 kids while we were gone. Bekah helped to keep me calm and keep my mind off of it and then held me after the traumatizing shots to numb my fingers before they sewed it.  It was painful but I'm healing, I almost have the use of my fingers back. 

The next weekend we had our trunk or treat and Evie finally got to be the green witch! She had been dreaming about it for months.  She and I were the only two that went since John stayed behind with Avett and his poor little chew up tongue that he bit through at the Joy School Halloween party.  I still feel sick about it and sad.  

The next night we went to my dads for trick or treating and only went to 4 houses.  The kids were exhausted and Avett was not feeling well because of his tongue. 

We were kind of a mess this holiday with all of our accidents but Ive never seen Evie enjoy a holiday more. Looking very much forward to more but I think I'll hold off on pumpkin carving for the next few years!


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