Time Out For me and my sister

This weekend was so very needed. My sister and I went to Time Out For Women here in Atlanta.  We heard incredible music and brilliant speakers.  I was inspired and reminded to follow my dreams boldly.  One of my favorite things said was by Whitney Johnson when she talked about being both a ship and a harbor.  That explains exactly where my soul wants to be and what it wants to be doing. 

It is so hard to balance all I want to do and be in this life. But with the guidance of the Lord I know it can be done.

I had amazing opportunities to meet some women this weekend who spoke to my very soul today and at the end of the conference my sister and I stayed behind to speak with them and it was an honor.

I'm so grateful to spend the time with my sister.  I'm grateful for her friendship and her unending support. In fact she just helped me bathe and put to sleep four children all while helping to clean my house, go through Avetts clothes, and help me get organized.

"Because I have a sister...I will always have a friend."


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