scenes of christmas

This has been a magical Christmas season so far.  I have loved having a revolving door of family around. I have loved happening upon little Christmas scenes around the house.  The children can hardly keep their hands off of the nativity puppets my mother made nearly 25 years ago.  I've had to chase down the little sheep more times than I can count.

On Sunday I drifted off to sleep while mom and Michael and John talked in the living room while the children ran and jumped about the living room.  At one point I heard Evaleigh bounding through the hallway singing "Jingle Bells" and I woke with a smile clear across my face.

Our joy school Christmas program didn't exactly go off without a hitch. Evaleigh wouldn't do her angel part because she was feeling shy and Avett wouldn't put on his shepard costume. But it still filled my heart with joy.

I love making memories with my babies and husband.  


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