tale as old as time

Two weekends ago Evaleigh and I got to go to the Fox Theater with my Dad and Grand-Jenny to see Beauty and the Beast.  She was transfixed the whole time.  She dressed up in her Belle princess dress and felt so special.  We ate at Mary Mac's Tea Room.

I am so grateful for our children's grandparents and the time they take to make special memories with our children.  My father always made special memories for my sister and I growing up.  He took time to teach us about the arts and creativity through giving us opportunities to see performances and I've never forgotten it.  The magic of those nights lingered for a long time and it is where my love for music and performing began to grow.  I know Evaleigh will remember this for a long time. 

When it was over we asked her what her favorite oart was and she said, "Everything!"

It was so fun to see her feel special. 


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