A couple of weekends ago I went to Augusta to visit my sister.  I just couldn't stand it anymore, I missed her and I missed her children.  So I packed everyone up in the car and stuff to stay for a couple of nights and we took off.  The drive from Athens was so beautiful.  I love the southern country side.  The kids were both asleep within 20 minutes or so and I just drove and thought.  I love that kind of solitude.  I can see my babies in the rear view mirror with their shimmering closed eyelids and those pouty sleeping lips.  I can sigh a breath of relief knowing that they are with me but somewhere else completely. 

We had so much fun with the cousins. On Saturday bekah and I got the bray idea to go get the girls ears pierced together.  Evaleigh had been asking for quite some time.

Joe kept the boys and we went off on a girl date.  We stopped off and got the girls matching summer sandals first and then went to Claires in the mall. Evaleigh was determined the whole time.  She never faltered with her answer every time I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this. 

She picked out a pretty pink glitter heart pair of earrings and hopped right up in the chair. I stooped down and held her hands to help her stay brave.  They counted to three and "pop!" The earrings were on and her face didn't even change.  

I learned a lot about that brave soul.  Not a tear, not a frown, not even a wiggle or wince. Just sheer excitement and courage. I was so proud of her bravery to do something hard, face it head on, and own it! If her reaction tells me anything about her future and how she will come to handle life then I've got one less thing to worry about.  A rite of passage in to girlhood, she suddenly looked older.

Kate cried, but then they were both so excited.  I loved doing that together, such a sweet memory.


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