A horse face out of glass

Evie, we are so proud of our little artist! A few weeks ago you went to your first summer camp! It was for one week 9-12 in the morning.  You had such a hard time with me leaving every single day.  I am grateful for your attachment to me but I am also hopeful for you to have confidence.  Confidence in yourself and confidence to know that I will come back.  Trust me, I don't want to rush you in to growing up too fast but I am also eager to give you experiences to help you grow and see your talents and to recognize your strength. It is in you!! 

I couldn't have been prouder to walk in to your exhibit after you had been creating all week and to see your work displayed. I imagine you will create a lot in your life and whatever it is I know I will beam at it just the way I did your art that day.  I'm so proud of you and you were proud of you too.  

Thank you for being the creative little soul that you are, I love you so! 


Kerry Schultz said...

she looks like she is totally into it. i must say you have an artist in the making. it is nice to see you guys encourage that part of her. keep us updated with more beautiful art

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