bits of life I can't bare to forget

Avett and this frog may be one of my favorite pictures.  He is all boy, interested in creatues and curious and doesnt have a care in the world to get dirty...or peed on.  He discovered this little frog while we were at Herman C. Michael park for a playdate this week.  He was quite gentle and wanted terribly to bring it home as a pet.  The frog looks very unimpressed with the whole idea.

Today was the opening day for the Athens Farmers Market.  I don't know why I feel so fancy walking out of there with fresh pastries and cut flowers.  Today we went home with Poppies and Ranunculus.  I love the sense of community in Athens and it feels good to be apart of it.  

Just a little example of running errands with these two crazy ones.  They were giddy about these tiny carts.  I love that Evie's hair is getting longer.  She is so beautiful.  We bought orange chicken, which Avett thinks is too spicy, and some Indian food, and some cocoa batons which were all gone with in an hour.

This past week we went to my mother's and Evie came in baring this birds nest as a great outdoor prize.  She asked that we put it in a bag for her to bring home.  She copied "birds nest"  and I couldn't be more in love with the fact that some of her letters are backwards.

Playing in the barn, climbing hay bails, getting messy, my allergies are going crazy.

Rode BOB with mom across the street to return a shovel.  We stayed a while to look at the flowers and then rode BOB around with the perfect amount of wind in our hair and faces. I love big tulips.

Avett got the giggles SO hard for a good 10 minutes at Fresh Aire Barbeque when we went with our cousins last week.  I never figured out what it was but I suspect he thought it was funny that Mason was being a little naughty ransacking the restaurant.

Evie has been writing her fairy friend, Ella, through a door on the wall in her room.  They are great friends.  She anticipates every single correspondence.  That last letter she got (which took quite a while to get back to her, apparently fairy mail can take a lot of time)  Ella told her she was sorry it took her a while to respond and that she was busy preparing for a fairy ball!  Well Evie decided that we must make her a dress for the ball so she designed it, picked out the fabric, and then we sewed it right up!  I love her creative soul.

Well I just had no idea she loved this log so very much.  When she found out that part of it was going to be cut and given to a friend of ours to make some things she was devastated.  She went in to full on sobs and went and sat on the log in tears.  After Momomee gave her best shot to comfort her I went down and we hugged and she cried some more.  We decided to take a picture of the log and she took it.  Then we edited a picture where she circled the log, put a heart on it, and then pecked out every little letter to spell "This is Evie's favorite log."  

A very tender hearted soul.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

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