dream big


At the beginning of this year I had a real heart to heart meeting with myself about my business. (Becuase that’s what you do when you are a small business owner!)

  I got out my one of my husbands old mole skin notebooks from college and ripped out the first three pages about accounting.  Then I wrote all about Tunes & Spoons and where I wanted to see it go.  I wrote about products I wanted to create, revenue I wanted to see, processes I wanted to refine, financial goals in 1, 5, and 10 years, and my dream businesses I wanted to collaborate with.

I had no idea that when writing all of this down some of it would come true mere months later.

I’ll never forget a year ago when Clara was just a few months old and I called my mom crying that this business was getting to be too much.  I didn’t really want to give it all up but I also wasn’t sure if I could handle it all.  She said to me words that had a weight to them even then, 

“Rachel, why would you give it all up now? I have a feeling that you are getting ready to glean from this everything you’ve poured into it.  Tunes & Spoons is not yet what it will be.”

Right then even though I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how I’d make it happen I knew she was right.

Soon after I hired my first seamstress and the load was more bearable.  And since then I’ve hired 6 more and I can’t express how grateful I am that anyone would be willing to spend time contributing to my dream.  I love this business I’ve created and I know it still has new heights to reach.

I’m really excited for the next few weeks.  I’ll be able to share my exciting news with the world and I’m just sitting over here hoping and literally PRAYING that it all goes well.  Can’t wait to share!

Here is a sneak peek of the photo shoot we did a week and a half ago! 📸 I loved our amazing photographer Sabrena Deal. 

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