“We’re both lucky”

Last night before falling asleep on the eve of our 10 year anniversary I told John, “I feel so lucky to be married to you.” He gave me a squeeze in our embrace and said, “We are both lucky.”  In these 10 years we have made forgiveness a swift reflex and we give each other the benefit of the doubt.  We believe the best in each other and we don’t keep score.  I believe I could have been molded into a very different woman but John Murphy is my soul’s truest counterpart.  He has taught me tolerance, perspective, and forgiveness.  He has a calming influence on my heart and brings out the very best in me.  If I have a dream he is my biggest champion.  We have built a life I am so very proud of.  We have given life to 4 amazing children that we cherish more than anything.  He feels like the softest most wonderful place to land at the end of every day.  Who knows what the next 10 years will bring but tonight before we fell asleep we spoke of the calm reassurance we have in the foundation of our love and friendship.  John Murphy, thank you for loving me in the most confident, passionate and jocular way that gives me roots and wings. 



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