Zombies, Shock Collars, and Pastries

When it snows in Atlanta, the whole city shuts down and we like it.
Except...that's when the Zombies come out.
They must have known we would be stranded here for 3 whole days.
It's Snowpocolypse 2011.

We successfully survived the Zombie Snowpocolypse.

Being snowed in for 3 straight days has its perks.  
We have had to get quite creative with how we spend our time. 

1.) We all tried out our new shock collar system for our dog Pippi, on ourselves.  The boys had a little too much fun with that.

I think being snowed in does make you a little coo-coo. See.

2.)We discovered the glories of food storage. 
We have made:

Strawberry Rhubarb Pastries

(the mess on my chest is a heart tattoo that my mom gave me, with a pen.)

*recipe for crust (here)
*strawberry rhubarb filling from a jar from Kroger or Publix, I can't remember.

Homemade Biscuits

Homemade Monkey Bread

* recipe for monkey bread (here)

3.) We have had ridiculous snowball smack-downs.  
Are husbands supposed to beat up on their wives like this?

4.) We have watched all 3 Lord of the Ring movies
Dispicable Me
2 Episodes of the new Bachelor Season
(I hate Michelle by the way.  And I don't want to fall in love with Emily, but I love her. I really do.)
some clips of Man vs. Food

5.)We have cuddled by the fire.  
It has been going for 72 hours straight.

I suppose tonight I am going to force my husband to watch The Wedding Planner with me and my mom.  
School has been cancelled tomorrow for the 4th day in a row for the hubs and my mother.

There are only so many tongue twisters we can do, we are running out of ideas...


kyns said...

halo. hours and hours of halo.
also, it has forced me to do some wedding plan too, when i can squeeze it in my video gaming.

Becca Jane said...

Yay, a Bachelor fan!! I'm team Jackie and team Emily!!

Cute pictures, you look gorgeous in the snow...!!

Rachael said...

Movie time....monkey bread....snow fights....there's nothing better then snow days!
Does it usually snow in Atlanta in the winter?

Amy @ AGirlCalledBeloved said...

wow! That sounds like a wonderful vacation though! I say enjoy it while you can!

Jessica said...

I love getting snowed in with my husband! Sounds like you had so much fun! & you are my favorite because you made MONKEY BREAD! oh thats my favorite

Valerie said...

THIS is how you do a snow day (or three) right. nice work!

Shay said...

May I please live vicariously through you? I hope its okay because I am. Love the pics, as usual. Love Despicable Me. Hate Michelle and her 30th birthday. Did you know it was her 30th birthday? ha

Oh, and that monkey bread looks to die for- thanks for the recipe!

ConnieB said...

Oh my goodness what a dreamy 72hours. Reading your blog makes me miss the days it was just me and him (in a good way.. not that I'm fantasizing too much about that;) My point is, I love how in love you guys are and how much fun you have!! Too cute (:

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Wow! What a fun Snowpocolypse. Vaguely reminiscent of the past few days we've been stuck inside, guarding ourselves from the cold Alabama snow. For once, it's been my husband baking (muffins and bread and cookies) instead of me, which I like very much. :)

Thank goodness we've seen no zombies.

I also can't stand the Bachelor's Michelle. SO annoying. Yes, she is.

Amanda Moury said...

Can I pretty please with a cherry on top have the recipe to that Strawberry rhubarb looking goodness? Even if it is Strawberry rhubarb pantry surprise, it looks yummy and Bryan would love it! :)

Anonymous said...

I got snowed in with my husband last year for Christmas (it still hasn't snowed yet this year) and we couldn't go see our families which was sad but we made some of our favorite memories that way. By the way, I hope you get him to watch that movie with you because The Wedding Planner is one of my favorite movies!!!! It's right up there with Sound of Music!

vintch said...

ooh all those homemade treats look scrumptious! it's so amazing that you actually cook when snowed in! on days like that i just eat cereal and soup and i'm super lazy. you, my friend, are a true inspiration!

and i may or may not have watched an entire Web special on Emily and watched an entire four minute slideshow on her late husband and her together. she is my favorite.

Jennifer Owens said...

I don't like cold weather at all, but I wouldn't mind a snow day to stay home and have fun! (o:

I'm watching the Bachelor too and I don't like Michelle at all. Ugh. And I love Emily, but I have a bad feeling that she might break HIS heart...)o:

Stay warm and hope you find some more fun things to do!

Unknown said...

ahhh!!!! i love your blog.

i ADORE monkey bread. seriously.


Lissa Chandler said...

I love the Wedding Planner! I used to cry every time she ate macaroni with her "fiance" and they talked about the timing being off... which maybe says I was a little bit of a crazy romantic at the age of fourteen!

And oh my soul, I cringed at super gluing the diapers. He hasn't done it again (yet) so hopefully I won't even have to bust out the tape, let alone glue! :)

Unknown said...

btw, now following you & will be checking back for your updates!

Jessica Holly said...

That sounds like a dream! Zombie hunting, snow, and baking. What more could a girl ask for?

Sister Rasmussen is home! She's doing great :) When does Sister Zimmerman get home?

Megan said...

a. the food looks AMAZING.
b. I have forced the husband to watch the bachelor with me. Crazy eyes michelle scares me "starbucks or coffee bean?" really?! And I love emily too...i can't help it.

c. zombie shooting? genius. glad you survived.

Long Stories said...

What are you using to age you pictures? Your snow days sound like mine--they were glorious for this newly wed too :)

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