Who doesn't love a little before and after?

Once upon a time, by the light of a harvest moon...

...the husband and I 

went to Home Depot to acquire some antique white paint.

We went home to parent's home to do a project on a piece of furniture that my sister got for us.  Her mother and law likes to collect things and store them in her garage.  When my sister spotted this lovely find in the garage she new I would love it and fix it up real nice like.

Every time I go antiquing I always envy all of the shabby chic furniture.  I thought to myself, 

"How hard can it really be?"

So, I googled the directions on how to shabby chic a piece of furniture and got to work.

Take a break and eat a Banana Split.

Meanwhile, my sister was working on a beauty of her own.  Her friend Ashlyn made the stencil to go around the table.  It looked beautiful.

Ok, back to our project.

Only sand the parts where the piece of furniture could have been bumped or hit or rubbed up against.  This is what makes it look more authentically vintage.  I used a medium grade sand paper to rough up the edges.

The deets:

I'm in love. 
Then we brought it home and I fell more in love.

We found this glass knob at Hobby Lobby.  Oh, my beloved mustard color.

So, now we have a brand new gorgeous piece of furniture for the cost of paint and a door knob. Thats the bomb.

What's not the bomb: getting to my video recording session Sunday afternoon and realizing that I still had paint on my legs.  Good thing they only filmed from the waist up.


Fly like an Eagle

Two weekends ago we had the really really amazing and exhilarating chance to go see the Eagles play in Piedmont Park for the Green Concert.  Every year they some have someone ridiculous (like ridiculous amazing) come and thousands and thousands of people show up with blankets and chairs and sit by the light of the moon and listen to glorious music til their hearts content.

So in honor of our night John and I wanted to record an Eagles song.  The whole time I have known this man he has always played a mean Hotel California. Now, its a pretty long song, so brace yourself for a near 6 minute cover of a classic.  Do we do it justice?  Probably not, but who the heck cares!

So, really this is just us being completely ridiculous.  I did not think this was our real time recording so sometimes I act pretty lame. (Sorry the audio gets a little blurred because we are such loud performers.  I bet our neighbors hate us.)

This was right before the concert was about to start.  I have seen my John super excited many times but nothing compared to his excitement that night (other than our wedding, and when I make him yummy food, and when I buy him cool shirts...wait.  I guess he just gets excited a lot.)

Before the concert John bought us JalapeƱo Corn-dogs and a Funnel Cake.  Oh. So. Good.  But the lines were so long that by the time he got back with it, it was too dark to capture a shot of that deliciousness.  Just know that we enjoyed a lot of fried goodness.

We were soooo close!!

(Just the warm up band...)

Right before they came on John leaned over to me and said, "I never thought I would actually get to do this in my life.  I'm so happy."  I was thrilled that we got to see them perform.  I can't believe they are still rockin' it after 40ish years together!

It was amazing.  Everything they performed was a hit.  My favorite was when they played Desperado and we slow danced a little bit in the grass.  Dancing to the Eagles live with hubs can't be beat.

"Don't you worry
Sometimes you've just gotta let it ride
The world is changing
Right before your eyes
Now I've found you
There's no more emptiness inside
When we're hungry...love will keep us alive."


My first time making sweet sweet whoopie...

...Whoopie Pies that is.

Geeze guys, get your heads out of the gutter!  (Although that was fun too.)

When we have our giveaways we request that those who enter the giveaway send us a recipe.  We receive so many amazing things and can't wait to try them all!  

The first official Tunes and Spoons Recipe Feature is from Elizabeth (I mean Emily) Day at daileyeday.blogspot.com  She is a clever little San Diegoian with a love for all things JJ and vintage.  She lovingly sent us a recipe for her Grandmother's Whoopie Pies.  Even in her G-ma's very own handwriting.  (In fact she is having a schmancy giveaway herself right now.  E.day not her G-ma)

Here is the recipe.  It's old school so you don't have step by step directions, you just kind of throw things in bowls and mix them together. We are so babied nowadays. 

(Step 1. Get out butter Step 2. Take off wrapper Step 3. Mix dry ingredients Step 4. Mix wet ingredients Step 5. Alternate mixing wet and dry ingredients sifting the dry. BLAH BLAH BLAH, JUST THROW IT IN THERE!)

We got this vanilla in Honduras on our honeymoon.  I'm not sure what I'm more concerned about:  the fact that I've used that much vanilla in 5 months or the fact that its called vainilla.

After making the filling I made the batter for the pies.  That stuff was SO thick it made my mixer motor get hot!  The beaters were struggling.

After they came out I let them cool for about 10 minutes, which was really hard for me.  I like to eat things right away.  In fact I eat the stuff more before it's baked....oh salmonella hasn't gotten me yet!

Then there you have it. 
Me, making whoopie at 1 in the morning
I thoroughly enjoyed it and from the look on John's face he liked it too.  
Making whoopie is fun and delicious and you all should try it too!


We will announce the winner tonight!


I'm just too far from where you are

We believe in family.  We believe in love.  We believe that "Home can be a Heaven on Earth". Truly.  

Becoming a wife and a homemaker has been the most exhilarating and fulfilling experience of my life.  The greatest happiness anyone will ever feel will come from a love filled, spirit filled, and peace filled home.

I love making our home a place of comfort and a place of love.  My heart sings with joy when I hear John say his prayers at night and he says things like, "Thank you for my wonderful wife and all of the hard work she does to make our place a home." Wow.  I am so happy.  I never knew life could be so good.

"I believe our problems, almost every one, arise out of the homes of the people. If there is to be reformation, if there is to be a change, if there is to be a return to old and sacred values, it must begin in the home. It is here that truth is learned, that integrity is cultivated, that self-discipline is instilled, and that love is nurtured." -Gordon B. Hinckley

"Old sacred values", I sure hope we are living by those.  I loved President Hinckley.  I am grateful for his words because it reminds me that we have the responsibility to make our homes worthy of the Lord's spirit and worthy of our beautiful families.

Here are a few of my favorite scenes from around our little home.  We love where we live and the safety and peace we feel in our home.

I am John's queen so I get to hang my towel on a crown.

Do you remember reading this book as a child?  Wednesday night when I went to my Aunt's house she gave John and I this one of a kind vintage board game.  It is a game that Beatrix Potter herself made up!

I love our bird egg blue antique shower rings and ruffled shower curtain.

I really have an unhealthy obsession with a few things.  Birdcages and scarves.

We found these letters (antiquing on Labor Day) So happy to have finally found the spot for them.

My favorite scenes though are those that involve our music.  John and I make our home come to life when we play our music.  Life is so beautiful and we love our HOME.

Please don't forget to enter our GIVEAWAY! You have until Monday to ENTER!!

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P.S. for those who HAVE entered and sent us song suggestions and recipes, we are enjoying them SO MUCH!  We are so overwhelmed with delicious things to cook and beautiful songs to learn!  Thank you!

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