A couple of weeks ago when John and I were in Colorado visiting our family I picked up these charming vintage red buttons while antiquing with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law at the Springfield Treasure Chest Mall.

I couldn't wait to find them a home.

So, today I grabbed one of my Target maternity t-shirts and jazzed it up with those 4 red babies!


I didn't quite get them straight....
But, no fear...I will try again.

After Mr. Murphy came home from work he joined my sister and I in Athens.  
He walked in the door of their apartment, took one look at my chest and said, "Babe, I have to say something. Those things are looking a little off..."

GAH, I know.  That's what impatience will get you: a wonky looking uneven chest.


the weekend

This weekend was much needed.  It kept giving and giving one wonderful thing after another. We did all of fabulous things we said we were going to do and more. 

Last night John and I sat out on the wrap around porch and watched the Sunday sun set while we read the 2nd Harry Potter book out loud to each other.  I love it when John does the voices, he makes me laugh so hard.
We drank blueberry and cherry cinnamon tea by the light of the lamp next to our swing on the porch.

I love being pregnant and I feel beautiful.  I walked in to church yesterday and slid in to the pew where my husband was already sitting, as he had been there an hour and a half earlier than me for meetings.  He has been called to be the Young Men's President in our congregation and I am so proud of him.  I snuggled down under his big arm.  He leaned in close to my ear and said, "You look beautiful." and then he gave me a squeeze.  I might have blushed a little, I love it when we still flirt.  
Thanks Mr. Murphy for making me feel like a lady...



Its the weekend!!!  This weekend will be full of:

P.F.Changs (be still my pregnant heart!)
Imax movies
Dates with my family
Cleaning out and organizing EJ's room
Shopping for EJ
Watching Jane Eyre by candlelight on the porch
Turning the AC waaaaaay down and pretending its already fall so I can cuddle with my husband
Preparing my primary singing lesson
Going to church for spiritual nourishment


The Ultimate Craft

I am currently involved in the greatest craft of all time.
I am making a tiny human.
This is by far the longest and most incredible project I have ever been involved in.

Here are the instructions and you too can have a tiny human of your very own.

1 dapper husband
1 dutiful wife

mix well with one romantic evening and a lot of sweet lovin' and wait 40 weeks

Being pregnant has actually been pretty easy so far. 

I haven't gained a pound. (In fact I've lost 15, don't worry doc says its ok)
I sleep great through the night.
I don't have to wake up in the night to empty my bladder.
I haven't had any crazy cravings.
I've only thrown up 6 times.
I feel happy and glowy.
We have been blessed with so many hand-me-downs.
My hair is growing leaps and bounds.
Our baby has only given me a few little kicks, nothing uncomfortable or painful yet.

We are approaching the halfway mark and I am eager to start feeling EJ move around more.  I listen to her heartbeat every other day on our home doppler.  It is like music to my ears.  Sometimes we can hear he flipping and moving in there.

She is the...
Best. Craft. Ever.


I swear, if these things get ANY bigger....

Last night Mr. Murphy got home from work at 10:15.  
He walked in to the bedroom and I pretended to be asleep, but I am really bad at that game so after 5 seconds I just started laughing.  
He did a flying jump from across the room and landed on the bed and I screamed, "DOUGHNUTS" at the top of my lungs.
I haven't really been one of those pregnant ladies that has a lot of cravings but last night all I could think of were doughnuts.
Glazed Doughnuts...
Powdered Doughnuts...
Chocolate Frosted Doughnuts...

He is so wonderful about complying with my pregnant needs.  So we watched an episode of Friends, put on our clothes, and ventured off to the grocery.

We were walking around the fruits and veggies and I passed by the honey dew melons.  Do you want the truth? This is how my body feels right now...

A lot of pregnant women look forward to the perk of slightly bigger tots when they are preggs.
I repeat, NOT ME! Things are getting a little out of control over in these parts. And my biggest fear...its only going to get more ridiculous...

We made our purchase of:
french twists
martinelli's apple juice
martinelli's passion prickly juice
POWDERED DOUGHNUTS...my pregnant heart was singing

We came home and watched more Friends and I made a simple delicious dessert that everyone should try.  It needs a name, but I don't have one for it.

1 package of French Twists
1 carton of fresh strawberries

-slice up french twists
-top with slices of fresh strawberries

Has anyone else noticed the incredible list of women with child in the blogosphere?  Its a pretty impressive list.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Here's to bigger tots ladies! Happy child growing!



Last night Mr. Murphy and I were doing our bed time ritual of night time prayers.  Back when we were dating someone special gave us the wonderful advice that when we have couples prayer at night that BOTH of us should pray out loud together.  
We took that to heart and have made it our tradition.
 I love the fact that I get to hear John Murphy say a sweet little prayer every night.

Last night was no different.  We sleepily climbed in to our cozy bed and I clicked off the light and said my prayer first.
Then it was husband's turn...

"Heavenly Father please help us to continue to have a happy marriage and to prepare for EJ.  Please keep her healthy and strong.  Help us to continue to make good habits now of spending time together so that when all of the children come along we can keep our marriage and friendship strong and continue in the strong bond that we have."

I wanted to cry.  I am so happy to have a husband who is my BEST FRIEND. I know our lives are about to change so much, and for the better.  But I sure am enjoying these last few months of it being just the two of us.  We talk about EJ every day and dream about what she will look like and all of the things we want to teach her.

I am beginning on her nursery and have a thousand ideas running around in my head.  I can't wait to get started on her room.  Here is my 18 1/2 week belly and a beautiful rug that I found last night.

Oh, little girl, you are already so loved.


Next time

Next time we are back in Colorado we will have our sweet baby girl in our arms.  Talk about a reality check.  Our trip was pretty fantastic.  We enjoyed:

-the long car ride out (24 hours to be exact)
-countless potty breaks.  this preggy bladder can't hold much
-picnics at the park
-the constant wind in our faces.  it felt like we were at the beach the whole time
-giggling with the nieces
-home cooked meals by moms
-free adjustments at the chiropractor (by john's uncle...lucky us!)
-dreaming about the things we will do with our baby girl when we bring her out there for the first time
-holding puppies
-going antiquing and finding gorgeous vintage earrings
-visiting and laughing with family
-playing basketball with old friends (well that one was just John, I ended up taking a preggy nap on the couch while the boys played.  sometimes this babe just sucks it all our of me!)
-eating ranch curley fries and pizza burgers at BJ's in Lamar and ordering from the telephone in the booth
-our two year old niece walking around telling everyone she had a baby in her belly.
-the endless views
-the long car ride back (26 hours to be exact)  and finishing the 1st Harry Potter book together. 1 down...6 to go

-then finally getting back to sleep in our own bed.

mr. murphy received a haircut from his sister the day after this was taken. yippppppppppeeee

I am amazed at the beauty of this place every time we go out there.

I love the sound of "next time".....


Dear Photograph

Dear Photograph,

22 years ago my husband walked this road in Walsh, Colorado with his Grandpa John as a carefree little boy with his whole life ahead of him.

Today we are in that same small sweet town as two crazy-in-love and happily married people with a sweet little baby of our very own on her way.

We can't wait to show her this beautiful simple little town.  Life moves on in the most beautiful way.

Love, us

(this lovely idea from here)


It's a.......

Yesterday was magical to say the least.
We found out that we  are going to be parents to a daughter.
We are completely overwhelmed with JOY.

I will never forget the moment that Shannon, the ultrasound tech, said, "Alright Mom and Dad, are you ready to know what your child is?"  Then, "It's a girl" popped up on to the screen and I began to cry.  I looked over at my sweet John and he was smiling ear to ear.

We left with the biggest grins on our faces.  My cheeks hurt like it was our wedding day all over again, I couldn't contain my joy.

We made dozens of phone calls and sent texts and spread the news of our daughter.  She is already loved by so many people. The blessings that we are receiving through her are amazing.

I went to work and taught for 4 hours and could hardly concentrate I was on a high from the whole day.
When I came home my mother and sister surprised me and John with a beautiful dinner complete with everything pink! My mother set the table with a full vase of pink gladiolas.  We sipped on Raspberry Gingerale and talked about our new little person who will be joining our family in just a short time.

My sister used the linens that came from the old Oat House on The Murphy Ranch.  My MIL Kathy gave them to me last time we were down there.  They must have been 30 to 40 years old and in beautiful condition.  They were all pressed and ironed as perfectly as can be, my guess is that Granny Joy got a hold of them one day.  I can't wait to use them for parties and in my home someday.

Our little girl is coming to join us in January! We cannot agree on how to spell her name so for now we will call her Baby EJ.  I can't wait to kiss all of her fingers and toes.


i hate avacados but i love my baby

I love our life right now so much.

My little tummy is growing and more importantly the tiny human inside of it is growing too.

Today I feel as light as a cloud.  I feel refreshed from a good nights rest and my belly is warm and full with a morning bowl of Cream of Wheat topped with molasses.

I am anticipating tomorrow like it is Christmas.  Wait, no, better than that.  It's almost as good as our wedding day.  I think I might get up at 5 am and start getting ready for our ultrasound.  I can't wait to find out what our child is.  

It will change our lives no matter what.

If we have a son that will bring on a whole myriad of moments.
I'm not sure I would know what to do with a little boy because I have been surrounded by women my whole life.
An entire vision of moments pass through my mind though.

holding my little boy
kissing my little boy
watching him play with sticks and rocks and trucks
feeling so protective, as i know he would be a little daredevil
wiping his tears away when he falls down and scrapes his knees
watching John play with our son
teaching him how to ride a bike
saying "no" to playing video games a million times
watching him read his scriptures
having trouble waking him up early in the early morning and seeing his messy hair peek out from underneath his covers
watching him receive the priesthood
seeing him be a big brother to his younger siblings
sending him off on a mission
watching him return two years later and embracing him for 30 whole minutes
seeing him with his own children and wife as he follows the excellent example of his father

Then of course if we have a little girl my whole life would be full of different things too.  I can see her now with blonde bouncy curls just like I had.  Hopefully she has her father's luscious eyelashes and beautiful brown eyes.  My visions with this little girl are completely different.

watching this perfect little baby sleep
examining the beautiful lips that look just like her father's
seeing her discover new things
chasing her around as i know she will be full of more energy than i ever had
dressing her in beautiful little things
fixing her hair
kissing away her tears when she discovers that sometimes friends can be mean
teaching her about her individual worth
chatting about crushes and boys
helping her dress her body modestly
worrying all day about her driving around after getting a license
sharing soul touching conversations
laying in bed and playing with her hair as we talk about where to go to college
seeing her marry the man of her dreams in the temple

My mother took this video last night.  I am in my 17th week of pregnancy.  My voice is doing some weird things in the video, please know this isn't how I really talk.  I just thought I'd start the baby talk a bit early.

Dearest Baby,

Who are you?
We can't wait to meet you and let you in to our hearts.

Love, your Mama and Papa


a foot and a bum.

My mind is racing at the moment.  It is filled with warm thoughts of this child I am carrying.
I suppose it hasn't really hit me much until today that this is real, and even then I think I am grasping a tiny fraction of the reality of this situation.

Two heavenly things happened today.

This morning as I was in the shower I was running my hands over my little bump of a tummy and I felt something.  Something inside me changed.  It was as if my spirit was meeting my baby's spirit for the first time.  My spirit said "Hello."  and my baby's responded with joy.  I felt the bond I had been waiting to feel.  At 16 1/2 weeks pregnant I finally felt that moment I had been waiting for. I smiled as I knew things were going to different from here on.

(our baby's bassinet, a gift from my cousin)

Then around noon I went to visit a dear old high-school friend.  She is 37 weeks pregnant and her little boy Brady could come anytime now.  We sat around and talked about being pregnant and our feelings.  It felt so good to talk to someone who knew everything about this miracle that I am experiencing.  As we sat on the floor of her little boy's nursery my whole being was vibrating with excitement.  I couldn't wait to be in her shoes.  

We moved in to the living room and each had a snack.  Then I looked over at her and she was smiling down at her belly and told me that Brady was moving.  I asked her if I could feel him and she said yes.  So, I snuggled up next to her and her baby and felt the most miraculous thing.

A foot and a bum.

My eyes got huge and my mouth gaped open.  I don't remember ever feeling a baby move around like her was.  He was stretching his little feet and squirming around.  I almost teared up as I felt that little life move around inside of her.  I have only felt tiny flutters of my baby and I can't wait to feel it more.    

This pregnancy has been so easy so far.  I feel very lucky to have felt as well as I have.  We are slowly accumulating a few baby things around the house.  I'm sure after this Thursday's appointment baby prep will pick up a lot more around here.  I don't think I'll be able to resist going in to nesting mode right away.  

John and I go in two days to find out what we are having.  I have no idea what it is going to be.  But, it will be ours and it will be the most incredible little human we will ever meet.  I can't wait to feel little feet and a bum moving around in my tummy.

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