first fort

This weekend we made a pile of all of our pillows and blankets and made a fort in Evaleigh's nursery.  We cozied up together under the warmth of the soft worn bed sheets.  We had spinach and feta flat bread (Oh feta, we finally reunite! And what a lovely reunion it was!)  We took turns snuggling our daughter and watched a pretty awesome documentary.  Yes, it was amazing.  No, we are not ashamed.  Then we spent the rest of the evening playing music and singing for our baby. 


such is life

When Evaleigh was 4 days old we wanted to teach her something very important.  Before she was born John and I came up with the idea to take her to the temple as her very first outing.  This is something that we hope to do with all of our children after they are born.  So, on the way home from her doctor's appointment we drove by the Atlanta Temple.  We got out of the car and stood outside of the gate and told her about the gospel of eternal families.  We told her about how she is sealed to us forever because her mommy and daddy were married in the holy temple.  

How grateful I am to know that we will never be parted from her no matter what happens to any of us.  I am so happy that when John and I were married we were sealed together by the power of the priesthood.  This sealing goes through out the eternities and not just 'til death do us part'.  We are an eternal unit and because of this, our children will be ours forever and ever.  To me heaven would not be heaven if I didn't have my husband and daughter by my side.

We stood there and talked to her for quite some time as cars passed by us on the road.  Although she was sleeping I'm sure her little spirit heard what we were saying to her.

As we were heading back towards the car we experienced irony at its best.  After we had just had this incredible spiritual moment with our 4 day old daughter something awful happened.
 John stepped in a pile of dog poop on the side walk.  
Really!?!? Reeeeallyyy?! 
I suppose it was a life lesson right then and there.  Just as you are trying to do the right things and be good, opposition comes along to try and screw it up.  We laughed so hard doubled over on the sidewalk and then I almost cried because every laugh hurt my c-section incision.  It was a moment we will never forget.  John wiped off his shoes in the grass and then we tried to salvage the experience.
We drove off singing "I Love to See the Temple" to our beautiful sleeping baby.  

* to learn more about our church you can visit mormon.org or ask me questions!*



Here are a few things I have learned while being a mother so far:

100 pictures a day is still not enough.

Having a baby and seeing your husband with her makes him instantly 1,000 times hotter.  I can hardly stand it.  I love watching John rock Ev in her nursery as he sings primary songs to her to get her to fall asleep.  That little girl loves her daddy so much.  Ooo, I love making babies with him.

There is no limit to the amount of times we can say, "She is so freakin' beautiful.", it never gets old.

Our stroller has a wider back end than I realized.  I made a grand entrance at the doctors yesterday while bumping in to approximately 15 chairs.  I got some pretty weird looks from other patients to which I replied very loudly while laughing out-loud at myself, "Hey, sorry I'm still learning how to drive this thing." There was so much awkward silence...so much.

Lanolin is a thing of the gods.  I love you lanolin.

I have learned to discern Ev's little cries.  She has an "I'm hungry" cry, an "I'm so sleepy, let's just cuddle" cry, a "Will you please make this doctor stop checking my hips for hip displasia, I'm just fine" cry, an "I'm wet or poopy will someone please just change me" cry, and a really pitiful "can you just hold me close right now" cry.  I love them all.

Love increases your patience, immensely.

I have never been more proud of someones toots and poops.  When Evaleigh finally pooped after a long hard night of an upset tummy, I cried.  I literally shed a tear over that poop.

Breast Pumps are also sent from heaven.  A couple days ago I pumped and handed the milk off to John to store and refrigerate. He came leaping and bounding back in to the living room with a glowing grin on his face yelling, "Babe that was 3 and a half oz!!  Good job!  You are amazing!"  I felt like a queen.

Holding my baby is the best therapy or pain killer out there.  When my body starts to feel weak and I get a little whiney I hold Evaleigh and then all of the sudden all is right in the world.

Sometimes the only way to get your 'bid-ness' done in peace is just to take the baby in there with you.  That way you can ensure she won't stop breathing while you are gone for 10 minutes.

I never knew my heart could love this much.  It hurts.  I could never live without this little girl now.  It feels incredible to be an eternal family, nothing can ever separate us.

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little doll

I bought this vintage doll dress at an antique store in town when we first found out we were having baby EJ.  It was really just wishful thinking hoping that she would fit in to this little gem seeing that it was so teeny. 
I have been hesitating putting real clothes on Evaleigh because I was afraid it would somehow diminish her newborn-ness, so we have been hanging around the house in long sleeve hospital t-shirts and diapees.
Then yesterday, with the suggestion of a baby fashion show by her grandmommee, I cracked.  We got out several newborn outfits and the little doll dress I had purchased.  I hoped so much it would fit her and it just so turned out that it is the ONLY thing that fit her!
Our baby girl is a little doll...and we like to play dress up.

These pictures were taken on her one week birthday.

*P.S. Can't wait to share Ev's birth story, coming soon*

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7 days

This past week has been the best week of our lives.
We never knew our hearts could love this much.
I love being a mother and John is an incredible daddy.
Our little girl is such a good baby and she is changing right before our eyes every day. She makes the funniest faces and we stare at her all of the time.  One of our personal favorites is one that we like to call "the Bill Cosby".  She purses her lips and raises her eyebrows like so.  She already has us laughing.  We are in awe of her every move.  I'm going for some serious snuggle time riiiiiiiiiiiiight now.


evaleigh joy is born

born in to this world on Tuesday January 17th at 1:19pm
7 pounds 11 ounces 18 3/4 inches
her daddy's lips
her mother's ears
the sweetest little spirit
we have never been more in love


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Last weekend I was able to be photographed by the insanely talented Holly L. Robbins.  I can't say enough about how much these photographs mean to me.  When Holly sent them to me I was in tears looking through them as she captured so beautifully how I have felt being pregnant with this precious daughter of mine.  
As I go in to this very last day of being with child I am so thankful to have these photos to remember the special blessing I have had to bare a life.

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Katy said...

I follow Holly's blog!


tonight, i was that girl...

I swore I would never get to this point.

Tonight I went to grocery store for some serious necessities adorned in comfy gouchos and my husbands t-shirt.
I was passing by the milk and suddenly things were feeling a bit drafty.  I ran my hand down my very pregnant belly and when I reached the bottom, to my horror and complete oblivion, my very pregnant belly was exposing itself...with out my permission.
How could I be so completely unaware of my own body?
I quickly tried to snuff out the situation and cover up but it was too late, I had been spotted.
You see, I have stretch marks.  I have one that I am particularly proud of.  It resides directly above my belly button (if it can still be called that nowadays).  It is an unmistakable lightening bolt.  A few weeks ago I was thinking, "How could pregnancy get any cooler?"  Then BAM...Harry Potter lightening bolt stretch mark on my tum.
After I procured all of the items on my list I went to the checkout and experienced my first REAL contraction.  Dang.  I had to completely stop walking and hold my shopping cart with a death grip.
Hold on baby girl...give your mama 2 more days.
I'm going to be a recluse and stay in til Tuesday, I can't be showing off my magical tummy marks anymore, I'm just not that girl.


evaleigh's nursery

Alas, our baby girl's room is done! And all with 4 days to spare. There have been countless DIY projects and re-DIY's that have gone in to this nursery.

the curtains (the fabric of which was used as table cloths at our wedding reception)
the couch (which was my great grandmothers. it is painted then recovered)
the bunting
the scrabble name frame
the changing table
all of the pillows (except for the red target one)
the chest of drawers
and the list goes on and on...

So, here we present:

Evaleigh Joy Murphy's Nursery

Now, all we are missing is a little girl!!!

Oh, and I need some nursing pads...


late night seranade

Last night after my mother and I finished making (adorable!!!) curtains for Evaleigh's room, John came in to her room to join us.  We all sat in there and marveled and dreamt about what the future holds and what that room will hold.  We said night time prayers together and then mother went down to bed.  After she left I asked John if he would get out Hannah and play some music for me and EJ.
This was my first request.

I love playing and singing music together, it is one of my favorite things about our marriage.
I sat and watched him in awe.  I wanted to soak in every thing about that moment through all of the pores of my body. I have very much enjoyed cherishing all of the last moments before 'we two' become 'we three'.  Part of me wanted to freeze that moment, but I know what is ahead will be ever sweeter.  The anticipation of all of the changes that are before us are a little scary and intimidating but John has never once seemed anxious.  I ask him if he has any fears and he always replies, "No, I'm ready!"
This man was made for fatherhood and I can't wait to see it on him.

John likes to make me cry sometimes.  He knows just how to get me.  Last night he played this song for me and I tried everything I could not to let the tears drop down my cheeks but that is just an irrational thing to expect from a pregnant woman when you play a song like that.  EJ and her daddy are going to be so close.  It's hard to believe that I will get to see them together in 5 days.  Be still my very pregnant heart...


little peach

There has been a little project going on around the homestead lately.  My mother and her....well we will call him "the gentleman emailer", have been busy putting in a beautiful orchard in the front yard.  It has been adorned with various fruit and nut trees.
We will have plums, cherries, blueberries, apples, pears, walnuts, pecans, and many many more.

They planted a special little tree for our EJ...a Redhaven Peach Tree.  
A peach tree for our little homemade Georgia peach. 
We love it.

Right now it has beautiful tiny buds that will try mightily for the next several years to bare fruit.  By the time Evaleigh is 3 we will be able to pick some of this fruit and make a delicious peach crumble together in her grandmomee's kitchen (one of her Daddy's favorite desserts).  I can imagine us in there fumbling around making messes and wearing colorful aprons and the air will be full of giggles.

We will make her picture next to the tree every year.  
I can't wait to watch her grow as it certainly will.


a baby shower brunch

On Saturday a few girls from my church, my sister, and mother got together and threw me and Miss Evaleigh a baby shower.  It was so much fun and it meant so much to me to be supported by all of these special ladies in my life, many of which have known me and my sister since we were pre-teens.  I am in awe of their generosity and creativity!
It was a lovely brunch filled with REAL life baby advice, birthing stories, and lots of laughter.
(i love that this glass jar says "Prego".  quite fitting for a baby shower don't cha think?)

The menu included:
Creamy Dreamy Grits Flying Biscuit Style
Breakfast Casserole
Susan Biscuits
Fresh Fruit
Waffle Skewers

She sure is!  
And we are more ready than ever...bring on that little girl so we can change her outfits 30 times a day.  Goodness knows we now have enough clothes to swing something like that!
Thank you so much to everyone who made it a perfect day.
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