Flash Mob in Kroger

Kroger in Grayson had its very own and no doubt first flash mob dance breakout last night.
We strolled down the unexpected freezer aisle and them shamelessly broke out in to a terrifically choreographed dance number. 

We are happy because we dance in the grocery store in an aisle all to ourselves at 11 o'clock at night.

We left bearing goods of Pomegranate Pops and Ben & Jerry's 'Everything But The...' ice-cream.

(a little picture of our new bedroom, we still haven't found the nuts and bolts to put our bed together so we have been sleeping with our mattress on the floor. no doubt they will show up in the very last box i unpack)

We exited Kroger in slow motion to the sound of "Chariots of Fire" playing overhead. (dun dun dun dun duun duuun ch ch ch ch...you know what i'm talkin' bout)

(Kroger always seems to bring out magical moments in our marriage.)


DIY Antique Mirror

Since moving to our new place I have been trying to spiff up some of our old things. I took this old mirror that I got from my Great Auntie Susan and covered up the glass and spray painted the frame red! I am in love with it, it adds a great pop of color to our new home. It's so easy and it upgraded the mirror to something really cute! I used a Rustoleum spray paint because the frame is metal. It took a solid 3 hours to dry but it will last longer and be more durable.

We are loving the new place and still trying to adjust. We are sleeping with the windows open and enjoying the summer breeze and terrific night sounds.



This is husband playing a mean version of Classical Gas featuring our new baby, Sofia.
I don't know why in the world this song is named Classical Gas but I do know that I get the giggles every time I say it.  This is now one of my new favorite things John plays.
Please ignore the massive piles of things and boxes behind him, we are still in the moving process.

Here is John playing Sofie, like a boss.


DIY Shabby Chic Antique Table

Refinishing old pieces of furniture has recently become a new favorite hobby of mine.
Since John and I have moved to the new place I have been a home decorating fool.  
I have so many little projects that I've done that I can't wait to share.
Yesterday I shabby chic'd our old coffee table.  It is the easiest way to create a fun new piece of furniture FAST!

In 4 easy steps you can have a new "old" piece of furniture.

1. Sand down the furniture.
2. Wipe down the piece to remove excess saw dust.
3. Paint the piece with your color of choice. (at least two coats.  I use Behr Eggshell Antique White)
4. Let it dry then use medium grade sand paper and rough up the edges. (try to sand spots where the piece of furniture would have been bumped/scraped/hit naturally!)

Y2yRN7 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

To see my other DIY Shabby Chic piece of furniture click "here".


i laughed so hard, i gave myself a headache

Last night I had a "girls night out" with two lady friends and...my husband. 
He amazes me at how comfortable he is and how well he can get along in a group full of women.  Maybe its a sign for things to come and we will be blessed with 7 baby girls and he will live a perfectly content life surrounded by countless ladies.
We went out to our favorite sushi place and put a killing on some raw fish, rice, miso soup, and edamame.

I've been pretty down lately so I really needed a carefree night just to laugh and forget about some of the things going on right now.  I am so grateful to my friends and my husband for reminding me that its A-okay to laugh and BE HAPPY during hard times.

I literally laughed so hard I gave my self a headache.  
Now, that's some good laughin'. 



(our beautiful atlanta temple in april during the open house)

I know that my Redeemer lives.
What comfort this sweet sentence gives.
He lives, He lives who once was dead.

I am so grateful for this sacred day to remember the great sacrifice of my Savior.

Happy Easter


murphy family addition

meet violetta.

She is a Nissan Versa with a sweet smooth ride.  Thank you to our anonymous donor who made it possible to own this beauty of a car, we love it!

There have been a lot of changes going on lately in the Murphy family.  

We went from our tiny one bedroom apartment in "little Mexico" to a 5 bedroom home in the beautiful Monroe countryside. It broke my heart to move out of our first married apartment because I thought we would live there forever and raise all 6 of our future children in that sweet little apartment.
I sat on the empty floor of our apartment and cried.
Life moves on I guess.


something special returned.

...is back!

This week my soul friend finally came home from serving a year and half long LDS mission in Finland.  
Boy did I miss her. 
The reunion was sweet.
I cried big fat crocodile tears.  At least 4 times.

It is so weird to me that when she left on her mission I did not even know who John Murphy was.  Then when she comes home I have almost been married for a year!  Needless to say, we have much to catch up on...

(welcome back sister zimmerman)


Spring Jam

This past week we had a jam sesh to welcome spring back in to our lives.  Spring has arrived in all of her glory.  We missed her and she is beautiful.  She arrived flaunting warm breezes and copious amounts of pollen and new critters.  She asks us to open up our windows and let the air roll in to make our curtains dance and we oblige.

Our little apartment was donned with pink and white snap dragons and a plethora of instruments.  The apartment was vibrating with with an unmistakable energy.

We gathered nine lovely people around our very small heirloom dinning room table.  We all cuddled closely and conversed and laughed as we filled our bellies.  Then we each decorated our own cupcakes and became giddy from the sugar. 

We poured our new energy in to thanking Spring for coming back once more. 

We celebrated the new life of spring with improvisations and spontaneous eruptions of pleasant sounds.  


Oh My Starz

(perfect for when you have practically NOTHING in the pantry.)

2 cups flour
6 tbsp shortening
1 tsp salt
3 tsp baking powder
2/3 cup water

mix it up.
roll it out about 2 inches thick.
cut em out.
bake at 450 for 10 minutes.
serve with gravy and jam.

(CJ's homemade blackberry jam! yum!)

I honestly didn't think my husband could enjoy eating any more than he already does but he turned to me during breakfast and said, "These stars make eating even more fun!"  What will I think of next my love...what will I think of next?!

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