im healing.

(photo from Dogwood Festival last weekend- w/ Lisa, Janie, & Bee)

I had my pesky gallbladder removed this past weekend.
Its been worse than recovering from my c-section.  Maybe its because I had low expectations. HMPF.
Or maybe its because all of the pain wasn't from bringing a human in to the world.  Where was the adrenaline rush this time?! All I'm doing now is walking around like ET with 4 new scars on my belly.

I love my baby.
I just really do.  I have missed not being able to hold her as much the past couple of days.  I am so thankful to my husband and my mother for taking on two babies this weekend.

I am looking forward to getting back to normal.


the pile

I haven't been feeling too well this week.  I have to have surgery to have my gallbladder removed next week and I'm pretty nervous about it.  I've had about 8 gallbladder attacks and it is pain much worse than my c-section, the 12 hours of contractions I experienced afterwards, or anything else.

This week while I was sitting in the rocking chair in the nursery, feeling pretty yuck, Mr. Murphy came to my aide and began working on a pile of laundry the size of our couch.  I walked past him to express my gratitude and he grabbed my hands, swung me around, and danced with me in our bedroom to a song playing on Pandora.  I wish I remembered the song.
I couldn't stop laughing.  I looked in to the nursery and saw our little lady kicking and playing and knew that life was just as should be.

A squirmy baby
A dancing husband and wife
A pile full of laundry


lately on t&s designs vol. 2

Here are some of my recent designs.

If you are interested in a header, some buttons, or a complete makeover go here and consider your blog my little Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality.


3 months young

I don't understand why time is speeding up.
Yet another month goes flying by.

Sorry for the key change there at the end...


parkers baby shower

Mr. Parker is coming to join us in just a month!  Remember when this happened?? 
That feels about 10 minutes ago.
But now he is coming to this world and I can't wait to be his auntie!

Thanks to Ashlyn for a few extra pictures!  (more pictures here...I found the foot ruiner...do I get a cookie for real??)

After everyone left we stayed outside until it got dark, and then we stayed outside some more and made a fire.  I don't think my feet went inside until 11:30pm.

I can't wait to meet that tiny baby!


This weekend

So looking forward to my sisters baby shower this weekend! EJ is getting a little cousin SO soon!


tree gazing

This Saturday we had a family day outside.
John thoroughly washed and detailed our cars while Evie and I laid on a blanket and tree gazed. 
We listened to his ultimate Pandora mix and he kept bringing me long lost treasures that had been held captive by our vehicles.  He recovered an earring I had been looking for and a brand new tube of mascara. 

I must say it is just as good or better than star gazing.
I loved watching the shadows dance across EJ's face and see her respond to many new noises.  The horses were galloping in the pasture and the wind was rustling through the trees above our heads.

It was a great Easter weekend full of a surprise birthday party, Finnish baked goodness, finding out my sweet S-I-L is pregnant!!, Easter baskets hunts by my clever mother, and a little photo shoot with my beautiful and very pregnant sister.  
I can't WAIT to have another baby around. Looking at her son's newborn onesies at her apartment made me nostalgic for those tiny days that pass so quickly.



I both love and hate this trick.  Mostly love.

But it does make me nervous.

Have a great Saturday!


float on baby

Our little darling took a swim for the first time yesterday.  
I mean, it's not like she wasn't swimming in my womb for 9.5 months but this was different.  
So different in fact that it put her right to sleep.  
Yep, she took a nap, in the water for a good 15 minutes.  
And then we went inside and gave her a bath in the kitchen sink. And then when we came home we took a shower together because she peed on the changing table/her whole back.  
There was a lot of water in our lives yesterday.
Fun times at Holbrook Adult Living Community...thanks Nanny!


10 moments

1. Watching the rain fall down together.  I love seeing her take in the new world around her.

2.  Baby jammies, sleeping early in the morning, and holding Daddy's hand.

3.  The invitation I designed for my sisters baby shower, EJ is getting a cousin in 6 weeks!!!

4. Silly smiles.  I love how they are making their appearance more often with every passing day.

5.  Cherry blossoms blooming in our yard.

6.  Nothing in the world beats a moment like this.

7.  I jumped on that band wagon and I don't regret it.  Maybe I do like reading after all.  Nursing has afforded me a little extra time to pick up a new hobby.

8.  No, no...that was no curling iron.  My baby gave me a hickey.  A straight up purple and blue collar bone hickey. 

9.  Blue eyes, you are all that I need.

10.  Daddy and Evaleigh's new trick...it gives me a heart attack but I love it.  She is already our little performer.
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