farmers market and a little update

This past weekend my little family and I went the the Buford Highway Farmers Market.  It was such a treat.  Evaleigh camped out in front of the European chocolate for a long time.  John and I came home with Mexican spices and soda and Finnish chocolate. It was a fun day.

The past week or so Evie has been pretty sick. We ended up in the ER yesterday and it was so scary for us both.  After some X-rays and tests they concluded everything was fine and that it's just a fierce and stubborn intestinal bug.  I hated seeing my little girl so scared and sick.  We are going to take it easy the next few days and recover.


I love John Murphy and The Staves

This weekend I surprised my love with a spontaneous trip to Nashville to see one of our favorite bands, The Staves.  They are three sisters from England.  I purchased the tickets behind his back and secured an overnight babysitter (thanks mom!).  We snuck out of church early Sunday and dropped Evie off with my mom and headed out to Tennessee.  The drive was so beautiful, although pregnancy narcolepsy kicked in a few times and he had to wake me up to see the pretty views.  Some road trip partner I am...

I perked up for the last two hours of our journey and we talked and talked.  When we got to our hotel we settled in for a bit and then headed out to 3rd & Lindsley for the show.  The place was packed, most everyone was there for Holly Williams, which we had no clue who she was.  We found two seats next to a nice chatty couple.  The Staves were amazing.  It's rare to find a band that is just as good live as they are on their albums but Staves did it.  Their harmonies were heavenly! I only wish they had played longer and that John didn't eat most of our appetizer sampler before I got back from singing my two favorite songs at the top of my lungs at the edge of the stage.  It was a quick forgive though considering I did abandon the food and it was our anniversary weekend.  After they were done I went to try and talk to them at the edge of the stage.  I managed to catch Jessica, the guitarist, and I asked for a picture.  She said she had to break down the stage then load the van but that she'd come back.  After 10-15 minutes of waiting I was about to give up and go back to my seat when she popped out from around the corner and said in her English accent, "Oh thank goodness you're still here!  My sisters have sore throats and don't want to come out, would you like to come backstage with us instead?" I just about died.  I gushed to them about how amazing they were and we snapped a few pictures.  I told them I hoped I looked like their 4th sister in our pictures and they giggled.   I was star struck for the rest of the evening.

As we left one of them was out front and John got to take a picture with her and she said to a few friends, 'Look we have a pregnant American fan!"

We drove around Nashville a little then ended up at a Kroger for Ben & Jerry's and some Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  We took them back to our hotel and ate them in bed while watching Shark Tank, because we are adults and can do what we want.  We fell asleep and then enjoyed a "scrumptious" continental breakfast in the morning and lots of Sweet Tarts and Reese's Pieces on the way home.

I just love John Murphy...and The Staves.


collecting years

Yesterday John and I celebrated 3 years of marriage.  I'll never forget that special day.  I thought that it couldn't get any better than that day.  I was so wrong. 3 years, one darling baby girl, a little boy on the way, and a lot of late musical nights later it is so much better than I could have dreamed.   

We have a happy marriage and I think that one of the biggest things that keeps it that way is not holding on to the little things.  It's easy to get offended quickly and want to teach the other person a lesson by giving them the silent treatment or being rude in return. But that is one of the things that I can say we do well.  We are quick to forgive and don't hold little grudges or try and punish the other person.  We rarely stay upset for more than a few minutes because he will have me laughing or I'll make him hug me or kiss me before it gets too awkward.  We know  that we will eventually forgive each other or work it out so why not take those steps sooner rather than later.  I am grateful for that.

I love collecting the years with him.  I am proud of our three little years.  I love looking back on the things we've done and being proud of what we have created together. I think more than anything we have a really great friendship.

I love you John Murphy, thanks for being a really cool husband and always bringing home the perfect treats.  Thanks for keeping our house a fun place and being a great dad to Evaleigh.  Thanks for loving me when I'm crazy. 


backwards with time

This weekend we went out for a little pre anniversary celebration. Back before Christmas John bought us tickets to see The Avett Brothers.  We love their music and John plays it all of the time.  Little Baby Boy was kicking all night, I think he either hated or loved the music because he was so active!  About half way through the concert it started raining and we got soaked, we felt like hippies dancing in the rain. 

Thanks to Lisa for keeping our baby alive while we were gone.  Thanks for teaching her how to eat honey suckle and putting her to sleep safe and sound with her muppis.


mom words vol. 3

I still cant believe some of things that come out of my mouth while talking to my child during the day:

-Why are you sitting on your monkey?

-What are you eating off of your foot?

-You're just a little nipple monster.

-You only have two feet you can't wear 3 shoes.

-Evie don't color on your chicken.


half way

Ok, this pregnancy is going waaaayyyy too fast.

I remember counting every second of every day with EJ and wondering what she was doing in there all of the time.  This poor little guy is lucky if I remember not to squish him bending over to pick up Evie at least 15 times a day.
For the first little while I didn't even think about being pregnant but now with his tiny kicks there to remind me he is in there, I think about it much more.  
Almost every morning Evaleigh wants to get out our heart doppler and listen to the 'babeee' in my belly.  She will bend down and kiss my tummy and I think my heart will explode from joy.

I'm NOT ready for two babies.  I suppose we will settle in and find our own rhythm but for now I am soaking up my days with Evie.  Last night I was talking to my mother and she said, "Sadly some of these days will fade in to the background and you will forget what it was like to only have one."  I hear other moms say that and it kind of makes me sad because what EJ and I have going on is pretty special.  I love our little life together and that she has all of me every day.  I know we will love having A.M.M. around too, but I just can't imagine it yet.  

I've finally popped and I love it.  I just love pregnant bellies. Keep growing little guy, I know you'll steal my heart soon.


yellow pants and a hair tie

Being Evaleigh's mama is the most wonderful thing in the world.  I feel so grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to experience the fullness of joy by being her parent. I am also grateful that I get to do it with John Murphy by my side. I can't believe next year I will have two babies in my arms on Mother's Day.  I look forward to becoming A. M. M.'s mama too.  

Right now I am sitting in the mall parking lot with Evaleigh asleep in the backseat and a pair of yellow cords pulled down about mid thigh because this baby bump is just about uncontainable now.  Today is the day to give in and go get some maternity pants.  So I will pull up my pants and reattach my hair tie to the button on my pants and brave the mall to find some bottoms for myself.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day.  

Evaleigh's gifts to me: sleeping in til 8:45 and not pooping the whole day!  Thanks little girl.

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