A banner for my girl

Yesterday I finally checked something off of my list I’d been wanting to do for so long: I made Clara Jane a banner for her room! Of course I made her a mini when she was born but it has been lost for over a year now and I’m pretty sad about it.  But with some company coming into town this weekend I had just the right motivation to complete her room.  

I found this beautiful colorful duvet cover yesterday and the flowers and colors were calling my name.  I love her room because when I walk in there I can’t help but to feel happy.  I truly believe that is how the spaces in our homes should make us feel.  I want to be surrounded by beautiful things that bring me and my family joy.  I think it’s a noble desire to make your home a beautiful and inviting place and starting with colors and patterns and unique furniture and items you love is so fun.

It’s been so fulfilling to decorate our new home and to breath life into this place!

Room Details:

crib sheets @landofnod
headboard @finalcutgeorgia but originated from Urban Outfitters
pillow shams @anthropologie 
curtains @pillowfortbytarget 
swaddle blanket @clementinekids 
stuffed animal @blablakidsshop 
bead spread @target
crystal dresser knobs @hobbylobby
BANNER @tunesandspoons


dream big


At the beginning of this year I had a real heart to heart meeting with myself about my business. (Becuase that’s what you do when you are a small business owner!)

  I got out my one of my husbands old mole skin notebooks from college and ripped out the first three pages about accounting.  Then I wrote all about Tunes & Spoons and where I wanted to see it go.  I wrote about products I wanted to create, revenue I wanted to see, processes I wanted to refine, financial goals in 1, 5, and 10 years, and my dream businesses I wanted to collaborate with.

I had no idea that when writing all of this down some of it would come true mere months later.

I’ll never forget a year ago when Clara was just a few months old and I called my mom crying that this business was getting to be too much.  I didn’t really want to give it all up but I also wasn’t sure if I could handle it all.  She said to me words that had a weight to them even then, 

“Rachel, why would you give it all up now? I have a feeling that you are getting ready to glean from this everything you’ve poured into it.  Tunes & Spoons is not yet what it will be.”

Right then even though I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how I’d make it happen I knew she was right.

Soon after I hired my first seamstress and the load was more bearable.  And since then I’ve hired 6 more and I can’t express how grateful I am that anyone would be willing to spend time contributing to my dream.  I love this business I’ve created and I know it still has new heights to reach.

I’m really excited for the next few weeks.  I’ll be able to share my exciting news with the world and I’m just sitting over here hoping and literally PRAYING that it all goes well.  Can’t wait to share!

Here is a sneak peek of the photo shoot we did a week and a half ago! 📸 I loved our amazing photographer Sabrena Deal. 


Sunday at home

I love Sundays with my precious family.  This morning when we all got up we had breakfast together downstairs. Watermelon, cereal for John, and yogurt parfaits for the rest of us.  Clara has been sick the past few days and her sweet cheeks are chapped and rosy from us wiping her little nose every 5 minutes.  Church was great.  We had a beautiful service on personal revelation and conversing with God and listening after we pray. I needed to hear that message today.  ❤️ When we got home we all shared what we learned in our classes at church. The afternoon consisted of naps (for the parents) mine was riddled with questions from the children and a baby climbing all over me but I got a few good 6 minutes stretches here and there. The sleeping was to the tune if Mandolin Orange and Brandi Carlisle.  Clara was so cute all afternoon.  The noises she makes now with her incoherent babble are heartbreakingly adorable.  The kind where John and I just look at each other and smile without saying a word but we know we are both dying inside with her cuteness.  Those are the kind of looks that are some of my favorite moments in our marriage.  Tonight we did Come Follow Me with the kids followed by a family wrestling match (in which John roughed us all up,yes there were tears) and then we initiated the kids into the Oooga Booga club, Evie had been asking to do it now for many days.  We went around and did family goals like we do every Sunday.  I told everyone that the next two weeks I really need a lot of extra support for all of the work I have going on and everyone agreed to pitch in and help out more.  I love these people.  I can feel our hearts knitting closer together with special simple days like today. ❤️


wedding date night

Tonight John and I got to go out on a date to a wedding! I’ve felt pretty busy lately and I considered staying home to be with the kids but I think I needed to be with John and take a breather.  I needed to shower and get out of my leggings and t-shirts with a MESSY bun.  I’ve been so submerged in a heavy work load lately (so excited about what this is!) and I’ve been hard pressed to take breaks.  I’m up most nights until 12 or 1 working on this project and we’ve ised babysitters a lot more this week, and my amazing mother has stepped in to help too.  I’ve felt really proud of what I’m doing lately and I’m really excited to shout it from the rooftops once everything is in place.

Tonight with John was simple. But he is my best friend and simple with him is exceptional anyway. I love that he makes me laugh and that after almost 9 years of marriage I’m still on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what he will say to make me laugh.  We watched the most beautiful sunset on our drive home. 


Valentines love notes

 It sure has been a while since I’ve written in this blog.  I miss writing and want to make an attempt to catch up on a few things in our lives! 

We are all just trying to love each other through our imperfections. The kids are both in school and Clara and I hang out together all day until they get home. A few weeks ago I went to Targetand got some treats for the kids and came home and wrote them love letters so they would have something bright and lovely to come home to.  I love making them feel loved.

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