a garden tea party

Tonight we had one more little goodbye party for our Lis.  Julia and Rachel threw the most beautiful garden tea party in Lisa's sisters back yard.  Although it was sweltering and there was no shortage of summer bugs it was so beautiful and the food was incredible.  Evie ran around 'playing' Bocce ball and picking up leaves and twigs up off of the ground.  The boys wore bowties and the ladies wore gloves and hats.  It was the perfect Southern send off.



My dearest and greatest friend is moving away and I couldn't be more happy or more sad about it.   I am so excited for the new phase in Lisa's life but I will miss her and her snaps and dances terribly.  The promise of Skype dates calms the sting a bit.  So last night Jamie and I threw her a little going away party complete with a surprise gift of a new Baby Lock sewing machine that we all chipped in for.  It was great to be together.  

We will all miss you so much Lis and hope that Utah is everything you dream it will be!


passing it on

This weekend I had a recital for my vocal students.  We sang out under the breezy trees.  I was so proud of the hard work they did.  

I just love my job.

The best part is that is rarely feels like work.  Teaching comes so naturally to me.  I love passing on the knowledge I've learned in my vocal training.  There is nothing like that moment when you see the look on your students face when they finally grasp a concept or make the right noise.  I love being a part of the learning process for music. It is so satisfying. I love my students.


girl club

I was never a guy kind of girl. I never had a lot of guy friend much less boyfriends.  In fact I was surprised when I found a guy who even thought I was cool enough to marry. I loved having my group of ladies and I was fine.  So to be totally honest I'm so scared to have a baby boy.  Some days it still doesn't even feel real.  When we found out that we were having a girl the first time I felt comfortable and confident.  I grew up in a very tight knit group of women so I feel like I just get the girl stuff and I enjoy it!  I knew it would be easy to connect with Evaleigh and our bond was immediate.  

I am nervous that it won't be the same with A.M.M.  I wonder if he'll even think I'm cool. I hope I can learn to get excited about trucks and bugs and dirt.  I am intimidated by boys and even though I am growing this tiny one in my womb, he already scares me a little.  I suppose that a part of me feels like a lot of what I've learned about being a mother to Evaleigh can just be thrown out the window.  Having a boy seems like completely new territory.  I hope he will like me and that we will be friends like my little EJ and I are.  I'm sure after he joins our family I will wonder how I ever lived without Legos and matchbox cars on my floor.  I'm excited about seeing John with a son.  Just watching his excitement when we talk about him is enough to calm my nerves.  But until he comes I am going to enjoy my last bit of time with my Evie and everything girl.

Photos by my fantastic and talented friend Katie.//http://katiebellephotography.com/


under the magnolia tree

This past weekend my little EJ and I had a date to Piedmont Park.  I would say it was glorious but it wasn't.  Evie has been sick for almost two weeks and we have had two doctor visits and two ER trips.  She has not been herself at all.  
It turns out our little lady was battling a mean case of mono.  It's all of that kissing I tell you.  She wants to kiss everything from John and I to her stuffed animals to pictures of animals and even her books and our candles and my laptop.

So Saturday after dropping Lisa's dad off at the Landmark theater to see a British film we popped over to the park. Outside is one of her all time favorite things, it ranks up there with puppies and shredded cheese.  I thought surely it would cheer her up but I only managed to get one smile while she was laying in my lap under the magnolia tree.  

Luckily we are on the other side of things.  I really think today was the first day she was herself again! Hooray for fever free nights and scream free days!

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