a little shop

Last year while John was finishing up school we decided I should make some extra money to help us though the last bit of college years.  So, in July 2016 I started making hand sewn fabric banners from new, re-purposed, and vintage fabrics not knowing if anyone would even be interested. 

I actually made my first one more than 3 years ago for Evaleigh's "Its SEW cool to be 2" party that she never had because she woke up the day of her birthday with the throw-ups.  Little did I know then that that idea would spark a little business that has grown in to something wonderful over the past 7 months.  It started small with doing the Athens Farmers Markets and then I branched out doing Holiday markets and craft fairs.  It has all been so fun and sewing is such a relaxing activity for me.  

I wanted to share here some of the things I have been doing.  I'm so grateful for people who support small business and in turn support little families like mine.  I love the idea of handmade items with charm and love.  

Tunes & Spoons Shop banners are currently available for sale in:

Frontier Athens, GA
Doodlebugz Marietta, GA

Thank you to friends, family, and strangers alike for seeing the crazy things I put together and somehow loving it enough to purchase them for your homes and loved ones. 

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