Evaleigh, you are perfect at 15 months.
We are entertained by you constantly.  You always have me smiling at something funny you are doing.  I love turning around and there you are at my feet handing me your 'puppis'.  Some days I think that is the only word you know.  You love your puppy so much.  I love how its rarely in singular form, its mostly puppies or my puppies, and then on occasion you put them together and call it 'muppis'.  That's my favorite.

I'm not sure if you really speak English.  When you talk I swear it is French that is coming out.  Especially when you really get going.  Its the most adorable and entertaining thing.

You have one curl on the back of your head that we call your duck tail.  I'm not sure why the rest of your head is failing to grow hair.  But I love your stubborn receding hairline and your single curl.

You love to give your daddy kisses first thing in the morning.  Its a big part of our morning routine.  And for whatever reason whenever we come back upstairs from breakfast and daddy is fresh out of the shower that is when you can't resist being held by him.  He loves it.

You are such an explorer.  You love being outside and would spend all day out there if I would let you.  You love carrying around little rocks and leaves and pointing to the sky when you hear birds.

You are such a cool kid.



Thanks for all of the love and excitement about baby #2!  We are so excited to bring a Murphy BOY in to this world.  Saturday was probably one of the happiest days in John Murphy's life.  I don't know that I've ever seen a smile on his face that big, not even on our wedding day...honestly.
Our appointment was at Stork Vision, which I highly recommend   They do gender ultrasounds as early as 16 weeks for a super affordable price, which is awesome for impatient people like me and Mr. Murphy.  We used them for finding out what Evaleigh was and I will keep using them for every baby after!

Our appointment was at 1pm that day, which was torture!!  Especially when your one year old wakes you up at 7:30 and you are counting down the hours and minutes until you can jump in the shower and go! When we got there they took us back almost immediately.  Evaleigh has an intense fear of doctors so she started crying horribly loud and dramatic.  I'm pretty sure she thought the ultrasound tech was going to hurt me.  John handed her to me and she laid her body across my chest, started patting my shoulder, and didn't move the entire time.

The tech started the ultrasound and John had his face 2 inches from the big screen tv where we could see it all.  The anticipation on his face was priceless.  When the goods popped up on the screen for just a minute he jumped back with a huge smile.  They came on again as clear as could be and before the tech could even get anything out of her mouth he said, "ITS A BOY!" and put his hands over his head as if he had just made the winning basket!  The ultrasound tech confirmed it and said, "That certainly is a boy.  I will literally quit my job if that isn't a boy, there is no mistaking it."  John was fist pumping and smiling and all sorts of crazy body movements that I don't think I've ever seen.

Every once in a while now he will pat my tummy and say, "My boy."  I can't wait to see him with our little guy.

If you missed it, our little video reveal is here.


murphy baby #2 is...

Watch our little film to find out what baby #2 is!


We are SO grateful to our friends at Rusticus Wedding Films for hearing our vision for this video and helping it come to life.  
We can't thank Clark and Monique enough for their expert work, unique talent, and wonderful friendship.

Please like them on Facebook to keep up with the unending creativity that they produce!  PLUS, whoever their 100th 'like' is will get a FREE Rusticus Wedding Films t-shirt!  (and they are cute, I love mine!)


We are so excited for baby A.M.M to join our family in October!  We already love you so much and your big sister can't wait to meet you.  Keep growing!


finding out

Saturday we find out what our new baby is!  We can hardly wait.
I was pretty set on wanting another girl until about two weeks ago.  All of the sudden my heart longed for a little boy.  Its a good thing you can't pick the gender of your baby, I would never be able to decide.  I would love to EJ to have a little sister because I feel like I've got this girl thing down but lately I have seen a lot of big sisters and little brothers and its pretty adorable.
I'm feeling great now that we are in full second trimester mode. I am trying to prep Evie any way I can.  We are playing with baby dolls a lot, looking at pictures of babies, and trying to streamline nap routines and facilitate more independence.  I can't believe how much things are going to change for us in the next few months.  I'm not really nervous yet because it still seems pretty far away but I know it will be here faster than I think.

Can't wait to know what you are little baby, keep those teeny kicks coming!



Last weekend we took a much needed spontaneous trip to the beach. Between work, school, and his new church calling my John has been quite busy lately. The weekend included some lazy beach time, going to Lamberts, watching the babies play, go carting, watching conference, digging big holes, and having our seafood order taken by a very drunk man at Tacky Jacks.

Thanks to Bek and Joe for letting us tag along on their beach trip!


mom words vol. 2

Round two of weird things that come out of my mouth when Im talking to Evaleigh.

-Don't paint on your pants with your banana.

-Please don't write on that suitcase with chalk.

-How did all that cheese get in your diaper?

-Don't lick the sand!

-No thanks I don't want your soggy pepperoni.

-Why are you trying to beat that chicken?

She's a gem....


free pops

Today Evaleigh and I went down to Decatur because King of Pops was giving out free Popsicles between 10 AM and 8 PM. There is still time, go get a cold treat and soak in the sun! She enjoyed letting chocolate banana drip all down her face and then she ran all over the place trying to make friends with every puppy she saw. We just wish our busy daddy and husband could have been with us!

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