a *little* announcement...

...about the size of a grape right now to be exact!

Murphy baby #2 due October 6th!

And we are thrilled!


lately on t&s designs vol. 5

Here are a few of my most recent blog designs with many more in the works. A huge thank you to all of my clients for allowing me to create your little space on the internet. I love doing this and enjoy working with you all!

If you are interested in spicing up your blog layout head on over to my design site and lets see what we can create!  Don't forget that a full layout comes with a one month button feature on my blog, a great plus if you are looking to increase traffic to your blog/shop.






positive vibes for Grover

Our Uncle Grover has been very sick the past couple of months. He is now in the hospital and is heading towards having a lung transplant. He is one of the most positive people we know and his wife is as strong as they come.

Today it was our plan to go to visit him in the hospital and serenade him with some tunes but last night we got a text at midnight saying that he has been moved back in to the ICU and no visitors could come. So we went to the next best thing and decided to record a couple of songs for him and Sally. We did 'Wonderful Tonight' because that is what Grover sang to Sally at their wedding. So we hope they enjoy that song again like newlyweds. The other song we did is 'Don't Worry, Be Happy', if Grover had the breath to sing this one, he would. Because that is the kind of man he is...happy, carefree, and fun.

We love you so much Grover. As soon as we are allowed will be there in person to make music for you. Til then every song we sing is for you.

If anyone out there could send him positive vibes or pray for him we know he would appreciate it. Also if you'd like to upload some music for Grover send us the link and we will send it to him!  Music brings him so much joy!


this is the hard part

I've really had the feeling the past few weeks that I need to start weaning Evaleigh from nursing.

I'll say at 13 months and with 12 teeth, we did great.

Nursing her has been one of the best things I've ever done. I have loved it so much and I'm glad to have been able to do it as long as I have. It's been way to stay connected with EJ and to bond with her. And hey, as a busy mom it's an awesome opportunity to just sit down and relax for a minute midst all of the running a round we do in a day. Sure there have been times my boobs have been living in a constant state of fear with that little piranha mouth coming at me but luckily we never had a problem with biting.

I was grateful to have had a pretty easy go with nursing. I didn't experience much pain in the beginning and Evie took to it right away. I know for some people it is the complete opposite so I count my self lucky.

Now weaning...this is the hard part for me. Between crying fits and having EJ pull at my shirt I feel like crying too. It's hard to know exactly what she wants and know that what's best for her now is not to give it to her. I struggling getting her to drink cows milk and she isn't the best eater either. She is a nibbler and will take teeny bites of things but never really commits to the task.

Any advice or tips any one has on weaning a 1+ year old would be great. I'm feeling a bit helpless.



Last night my love sat me down in our living room and took me on a little journey.  He started clicking through a folder of pictures on his computer.  

This is Juliette's balcony in Verona, Italy.  Next to it is a statue of Juliette and a large gate.  On this gate are thousands of locks.  Lovers come from all over the world to seal their love with a lock on this gate.

John found an Italian man in Verona to put a lock for us on the gate.  He is sending us the keys to our lock and someday Mr. Murphy promises me we will go to Verona and find our lock.

Maybe then we will open it and put another lock on ours with all of the names of our children.  I can't wait for that.  I love him so much.


v day

I love my little Valentine.  Between Mr. Murphy and Miss EJ my heart is just exploding with love!  Can't wait to be with my loves tonight.  

Hope everyone enjoys their day!


are you one?

It still blows my mind that I am the mom of a one year old.
On her first birthday I cried for the whole 30 minutes before her birth minute.  
That is where this video begins...Me and Evie, post sniffles and a puffy cry face.

Here is her ONE YEAR VIDEO!!


the long overdue truth about bill

I suppose I owe it to the Internet world to come out with the truth about Bill.

Remember right before Christmas when my Pawpaw got EJ a dog? Sweet right... I've been hesitant to come out with the truth but here is the story of how we were dog owners for less than 24 hours.

Four days before Christmas we get to my dads anticipating the union of our little family and Bill, the puppy. We were very optimistic and excited about him joining our family and couldn't wait to see how happy EJ would be around him. I mean why shouldn't we get a dog? We can do anything!

My Pawpaw got there with Bill and there was no doubt he was a cute puppy. He was teeny and the way he sort of fumbled around as he walked had a way of tugging at your heart strings.

But then as soon as I held him my skin started to itch and turn red and my eyes would water. Then they shriveled up like cartoon eyeballs and fell on the floor. He started looking less cute. I knew I had allergies to dogs but with some it's not so bad so I tried to be positive about it and we went about our day. Evaleigh could have cared less he was even around but that could have had to do with her obsession with Christmas presents and food everywhere. We took family Christmas pictures and Bill was in every single one.

He took a couple of naps in my arms and as cute as it was my skin wouldn't stop crawling. I kept looking over at John and saying, "This is fun right? Yay, we have a dog.". I think with every sentence like that I was trying to convince myself that I wasn't about to have a nervous breakdown. In my heart I already knew we had made a terrible decision.

We finally got to my Aunts house for Christmas dinner and he took a walk outside. The little sucker had a nice poop and we took him inside to introduce him to the family. I think everyone in there knew the poor guy didn't stand a chance but me. My family later told me the look on my face was sheer terror. Bill started humping EJ's leg and would NOT get off of her diaper. Bless his little canine heart, he didn't know better but he kept jumping up on EJ's face and she did NOT like him. My cousin Brittney bet me it wouldn't last a month. I tried to put on a brave face a acted a little mad. "No...psh...Bill is a part of our family now. How dare you say that. We can do this". (I think)

I started thinking, "What did I get myself in to? A puppy and an almost one year old? I am insane." Horror music was playing inside of my head, you know like the shower scene in that Alfred Hitchcock movie. All i could see was a future of EJ eating soggy dog food with Bill and them laughing and pointing at me together while I cleaned up their messes. Bill was looking less cute.

It was time to go home and Bill and EJ cried for the first 30 minutes of the trip home. I finally blurted out to my mom, "I CAN'T DO THIS!!!!!!!!!". I called John and we decided right then and there we were in over our heads.

Babies I can do. Animals I cannot. I don't know why I thought getting a dog would magically turn me in to an animal person. But it didn't, It's just not me. If anything it proved to me that I never EVER want an animal. I guess you just have to know your place. Me...well I'm just not an animal person. Sorry Pawpaw.

Now I'm not knocking anybody who has a furbaby. I just prefer my hypoallergenic human baby.

That night John slept downstairs with Bill, he went to the bathroom 8 times and bit johns ear all though the night. When I woke up I found a nice brown stinky present from Bill under the tree on top of one of John's presents. It read "To: John From: One of Santas little helpers". At least we knew how Bill felt about us too.

That day we sold Bill to a family with four children. The little girl who got him said with tears streaming down her face, "This is the bestest Christmas ever!!" I shed a tear or two when they took him.

But mostly because we were free again. Wherever you are Bill, thanks for teaching us an important lesson. We can not do everything.


little yoda

Well its been quite a while.  I've been so incredibly busy with my mothers wedding, traveling, keeping up with a very busy one year old, sneaking in some much needed snuggling time with my hard working husband, and designing 8 blogs. (Which is a huge blessing!)  

Oh yeah, my mom got married...

I knew that day would eventually come.  It was an interesting emotional roller-coaster experiencing one of my parents getting married.  My sister and I had countless conversations about it and I feel so lucky to have had her through it all.  Knowing that she is the perfect one to understand just how I felt in the situation gave me so much strength.  The day was filled with the perfect amounts of happiness and 'wow...this is a little weird.' I never thought I would be a kid with divorced parents but seeing them both so happy with their new companions makes me feel at ease.  I love knowing that they are living fulfilling lives.  It took a while to get to that state of mind but I am there and I know that with time it will keep getting better.

(These pictures have nothing to do with this post.  They are just adorable and I love Evie's yoda ears.  Sometimes I think they are just going to fly right off of her face.  I think she was 6 months old here.  Gosh I love her.)

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