Cloth Diaper Review

After trying about 6 different kind of cloth diapers  I'd like to offer up my opinions of them all.  

I ended up really just loving the prefolds with Thirsties covers.  Thirsties is a great American made product.  The most unique thing it offers are the gussets in the side which give extra protection against leaks.  

The Thirsties fitted was great for absorbency and held the poop well but I felt like it carried more odor.

The Fuzzibunz was AMAZING and I'd love to purchase some someday but they are a bit on the pricey side for me.  The material is hands down the softest thing and I would even like it on my bum.

I didn't like the Flip with the insert at all, it didn't really hold the poop in like the other covers and the material felt a little rough.

The newborn Kissaluv was just so small I ended up using it like a fitted diaper with a cover because it didn't absorb the poop as well as a prefold.  Even though I liked the feel of the material as much as the Fuzzibunz. Plus my baby was gaining weight really fast so she wouldn't get use out of it very long.

The Kissaluv aio was cool but I wasn't crazy about the material and it fit Evaleigh's bottom a little funny.

I didn't like Thisties pockets because I feel like that system would be way more laundry than just covers and prefolds. Not to mention more expensive. Although it is nice to throw a pocket in every once in a while when I don't feel like doing the 'work' of a prefold.

All in all covers, pre-folds and snappis are for us!  They are very affordable at the initial cost.  
No diaper rash and we haven't purchased a single diaper in a month and a half!

P.S. Thanks to Spearmint Baby for the sweet nursery feature!


lately on t&s design vol. 1

I have been a pretty busy lady lately.  Tunes & Spoons Design really took off and I have been lucky to design some blogs for some pretty great ladies.  Here are a few of the recent designs with more in line waiting to come!  





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wakey wakey eggs & bakey

Here is my wake-up call to you.  
Let's all try and be a little happier and a little more positive each and every day.

-Find a baby and give it a kiss.  (you can come kiss mine if you need to!)

-Stop worrying so much about how you look, I am here to tell you that you, YES YOU, are beautiful!

-Don't compare yourself to anyone else, there is something so wonderful about self confidence.  Learn to really like yourself.

-Take joy in the little successes. Like yesterday I may not have gotten to any of the laundry or printed off my long overdue thank you notes but dangit....I got a shower.

-Try to find the best in everyone, because its there I promise.

-Pray, a real long sincere prayer, everyday.

Be happy...it is a choice.


i just want to bust it out

Yesterday I had the beautiful opportunity to join in with the Hotlanta Vocal Posse and sing parts from the Auratorio Americana by Stan Satlin.  It was at a Benefit concert to raise money to buy a piano for the Salvation Army School for the Blind in Jamaica.  It was pretty great, to say the least.  I love singing and I have missed it dearly.  I haven't had a voice lesson since Evaleigh has been born and I am so ready to get back.  
Lately I have just had to urge to belt out high opera notes at the top of my lungs!  I want to sing Je Veux Vivre or Glitter and be Gay and pour out my soul in my voice!  I want to sing high notes and feel the rush that only that vocal release and expression can give!  Its been bottled up for a little too long and yesterday shook me up and I am ready to let it out.

The beautiful part of it all was having my little family out there in the audience.  Evaleigh has been listening to this music since she basically existed.  I ran across this today in her journal.  The first time I ever felt her kick was while we were in the recording studio singing the very music we sang yesterday.

I loved looking out in the audience while we were rehearsing and seeing my sweet John bouncing Evaleigh in the baby Bjorn.  
It gave me tingles.

My father also came to the performance.  This morning I received this text message from him,
"I enjoyed being with you all yesterday. Thank you for singing again. That is what you are suppose to do along with being EJ's mom. I am glad you take her with you when you sing. She needs that from you always. I like it when she smiles at me. That gets her all the chili dogs and ice cream she wants."

I was made to sing. I love taking my little girl along with me and having her ears fed with beautiful inspiring song. She responds so much to music. I got my wish, she loves it just like me.

I just want to bust it out.

Right now.

But my baby is taking a nap so I will have to wait a little longer.


working mom

I started back to work last week and it is really the most bittersweet feeling.  I love my job so much but it is really hard to be away from my sweet Evaleigh.  Luckily I am only working two days a week...really, I can do that.  
My consolation is that I am leaving her with either her father or her grandmommee.
When I get to come home to this little face and she lights up when she sees me, I swear I've died and gone straight to heaven.


fat belly

My my my...time sure does fly.

Evaleigh Joy...Month 2


never again

My Dearest Evaleigh,

You will never be as young as you are today.
You will never be as small as you are today.

So, for that I will breathe you in a little deeper and I will look at you a little longer.
I cherish every tiny moment I have with you.

Today while I was nursing you I was looking at your little squirmy body and reminiscing about your newborn days.  I missed them.  Then I wondered, "What is before me now that I will miss later?"  I want to be present in every moment of your life.  I want to cherish every stage you are in.
  So, I paused and enjoyed that very moment.
You are the joy of my life.
I love you my tiny growing baby.

your mother


a name and a blessing

This week has been insanely busy between saying goodbye to family that was visiting, going back to work (2 days a week), working on blog designs, OH AND taking care of my beautiful little baby.

Anyway, I didn't want to let too much time pass and not document Evaleigh's blessing day.  
It was so lovely.  
We couldn't have been encircled with more love and support from our family.  John gave her her blessing in church on Sunday and it was so sweet.  I am so grateful to a husband who is such a worthy and loving man.  It was a beautiful experience to see my baby blessed by her father.  I love the gospel and the plan that my Heavenly Father has for me and my little family. 

Evaleigh wore a dress that was mine when I was a little girl.  My mother took off the 80's collar and sewed on this beautiful light pink velvet ribbon.  She wore a vintage Sun-dee hat by Linda's Vintage.  I added the elastic so it would fit around her tiny head.  She was such a good sport and didn't fuss about it at all.  She has to put up with a lot from me.  

Have a lovely weekend!

We are going to catch up on some rest, Community, and help my sister with Parker's nursery!


we voted!!!

My eyes got a little misty standing there at the voting booth today.
I am so grateful for my freedom and this country we live in.
I love exercising my right to vote and the unique opportunity we have to choose the leaders of our country.
I hope all of you will take the chance to go cast your vote today and let your voice be heard.

winner of custom blog design!!!

So sorry this is a day late. We were soaking up every moment with our family who were in town for Evaleigh's blessing. Pictures and details on that lovely weekend to come. 
For now I'll leave you with this....a picture of our ridiculously cute baby.

Thank you all so much for your support and excitement about my new project Tunes & Spoons Design. I have already had an overwhelming response and I can't tell you how wonderful that feels.

So as a thank you I have a surprise. 
I couldn't pick just ONE winner, so there are TWO.

amy D said...

Wow girl, you are crazy talented!! I'd love to win a full layout :) Thanks for the chance!February 28, 2012 10:16 AM

Jessica Holly said...

I'm more than a little excited about this! I of course follow this blog! February 28, 2012 11:21 AM

Congrats Amy and Jess!!! Email me at tunesandspoons@gmail.com so we can get started on your custom design. I am so excited to work with you guys.


to watch a man become a father

Our child has a new name from her father everyday.

miss squirt
little muffin
chunk a munk
the scooter
little love

He was born to do this.

this weekend

This weekend we have family coming in from all over for our little girl.  We will have a packed house and I can't wait for all of the loud noises and conversation!  I hope we will make yummy food and play charades.
She will be blessed in church this Sunday by her father and we are so happy to be surrounded by those who love her.

I've still got some last minute details to add to her dress.  This dress was mine when I was a baby.  I'm so happy my mother saved it all of these years.

Have a lovely weekend!

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