ej's first beach trip

This past weekend EJ had her first beach trip.  We doused her perfect little skin with sunscreen.  When we got to the shore we laid Ev down on the beach and she started smiling so big with the wind rushing over her face.

Can't wait to take her back someday.  
But I will remember towels next time.


anniversary in savannah

We spent our anniversary weekend in Savannah.  It was so perfect.  We had a beautiful hotel room at The Westin right on the river.  They brought up a crib for our baby to sleep in and we felt right at home.  We had a corner room with windows looking down the river and across to the other side of the river, the view was amazing.  We ordered room service to our hearts content, rode the ferry, met up with some lovely friends, went shopping on River Street and spent way too much money on candy.  I'm so glad our little buddy tagged along with us.

Happy two years love, I hope you loved your present *wink*.  I enjoyed our romantic getaway.


Two years

For seven hundred and thirty days I have been married to my darling. We have been through parents divorcing, many meals and prayers together, building a home and a life together, and we made a baby. Certainly the kisses are in the thousands.

We have changed hundreds of diapers, sang many songs, played basketball in the yard, and watched Netflix and Hulu to our heart's content. We have taken several road trips and have dreamt about our future while driving and driving.

I have heard my love tell me many times as he walks through the door, "I have a treat for you." and then presents me with something sweet and delicious. He is patient with me as I jerk the covers to lay them as straight as can be over me, because goodness knows that boy could sleep in a twisty tangled mess of sheets and I need them as straight as a board.

Happy 2 years to the man who made me a wife. I love you John Murphy.


summer treat

So far I have made 3 different kinds of these pudding pops. They are delicious on a hot day or probably any day really! Plus they are so easy:

1 3/4 cups half and half
1 package sugar free cheesecake instant pudding mix (1 ounce)
1 cup fresh blueberries
2 teaspoons zested lemon

Combine half and half and pudding mix in blender and blend til smooth. Add blueberries and zest and pulse to break up berries.

Freeze in pop molds for 4 hours.

This recipe is from Our Best Bites. I have already also made their Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Pops and Cherry Almond Fudge Pops (which are freezing right now, can't wait to try them tonight!) I am going to get a lot of mileage out of our pop molds this summer I can feel it!


today, tomorrow, this weekend

Today I went to work and got to come home a couple hours early, it was great.  Then mom and I went to Target with Evaleigh.  She was smiling so much when we got out of the car, she must have known we were having a girls date.  I got a hat, EJ a bathing suit, and mom got a pool for this summer.

Tomorrow I am going to go grocery shopping and I am getting a few things to make some homemade summer pudding pops.  The blueberries are coming in beautifully in the orchard in the front yard.  I love that in a couple weeks we will be able to wake up and grab a handful of berries off the bushes and bring them straight inside and drop them in our cereal, or make a pie, or Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Pops. Yummy.

This weekend is mine and John's two year anniversary.  We are being romantic and going to Savannah and getting a hotel overlooking the river.  I am so giddy over our plans.  I am looking forward to spanish moss, cobblestone walkways, ferry boats, and maybe an Elvis.


my sugar lump's first laugh

Our teeny lovely is four months old.
She is smiling like crazy when we bounce her bottom, help her kick her legs, play peek-a-boo, and say, "Hello!" especially in the quiet untouched moments of the morning.

If you make it to the end of this video you get the reward of hearing her very first laugh, possibly the highlight of my whole life.


weekend picnic

This weekend we met up with my dad at a park near the house and camped out under some tall oak trees for a few hours.  We played with the babies, had watermelon rine chucking contests, and ate subs and hummus.

Here are Evi's baby blues.  Don't mind my snaggle tooth in the next picture.

Dad was trying to get this baby to stand.  I'm not ready for that, my heart can't take it.  I let her suck some watermelon juice off of my finger and I swear I didn't think I was going to leave with all of my fingers in tact, she loved it.  Bekah brought her baby boy and I can't get enough of him.  I love seeing the babies together and imagining them being friends.

Evaleigh turned 4 months last week, I am working on her video.  I can't believe how fast the time is going!


porch sitting people

Dear Evaleigh,

You are spending so much of your life outside.  We spend days swaying in the hammock swing outside under the big tree.  Its limbs outstretched protecting us from the blazing noon sun.  Bugs buzz around us and I swat them from your sweet pink skin.  
You change quickly from sitting to standing as you tell me with a tiny grunt you are ready for something new.  You look up in to the dancing leaves and I can gaze in to your sparkling blue eyes.  I feel lucky to witness your discovery.  I know you are taking in the world around you as your head snaps swiftly side to side with your attention to every tiny sound.  
When enough time passes and you've grown weary of your mind grasping our microcosm you cry out and I nurse you in the afternoon breeze.  It gets quiet and there is you and me and our surrounding world of horses, cars racing the pavement in the distance, and vibrant flowers.
As night falls we light citronella candles to ward off the summer mosquitoes.  Grandmommee turns on the lights in the trees and daddy brings his guitar out to join in concert with the night sounds.
The light from the candles hits the leaves closest to us.  It captures the foliage's bright green directly above our heads.  As the light can not reach very far the leave's green darkens the higher in to the tree we look.  It is a most glorious spectrum of night's hues.

You are learning the language of birds, the smell of gardenias, and the feel of night's gentle breeze.

love, mama


mothers day

Yesterday was my first mothers day.
My baby girl gave me a great gift.
I was letting her have some morning nakey time on the bed and she was loving it. Then she gave me a pee spot about the size of a basketball.
Thanks little lady, can't wait for more special mothers days with you! I love you little girl. Being your mother is a true gift. You are awesome and I can't wait to meet who you become.


her mother

I am somebody's mother.

This little somebody.

Being a mother is the most overwhelmingly incredible sensation.

Tomorrow will be my first Mother's Day.
It is such an honor to bare a life.
I can't explain how it feels to look in to the eyes of my daughter, MY DAUGHTER.
I have a daughter.

I love this picture of her because if you look really closely you can see my reflection in her eyes.  I hope she will always look to me as she does now.  
She needs me and I need her so very much.
How my arms would ache if I ever lost her.
She gives me such purpose and a reason to live my life as good as I can now.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the responsibility that is ahead.  
I have to teach her.
We have to teach her.
How to share, how to be kind, how to have faith, how to respect her body, how to be a lady, and there is so so much more.

It is an honor to be a vessel that carries life in to the world. 
A mother.
Her mother.


what did i do

Our days are so busy now.

Being a mother is hard work, but its the best kind of work.

I think it is because of how constant it is.  Sometimes I remember simpler days and wonder what I ever did with my life.  The moments are all so full now and I hardly have a chance to catch my breath before moving on to the next thing.

I was thinking about this the other day when I took my baby to the bathroom with me and let her play with a tampon out of desperation.  I just needed to sit and be still for a moment.  I mean, even going to the bathroom is on my to-do list now.  Most of the time it ranks under breastfeeding and lunch.

But all it takes is one smile from my baby girl and I am smiling right back at her and that gives me the rush of energy I need to carry on.

Motherhood is wonderfully exhausting.


He's here!!!

Welcome to the world little Parker. I love you so much.

Born to my sister and Joe on May the fourth.

I am so proud of my little sister.  She is a mother to a son.

Meeting him was pretty incredible.  My uterus burst into a tiny million pieces of hearts and flowers while my ovaries were exploding in to chants of "more babies more babies more babies!!!".  
I want more babies...now.

Its so crazy how quickly you forget how tiny they are.  My rotund baby looks preeeety huge next to Mr. Parker.  

Now is when the really fun parts of life start to happen.  I am so looking forward to watching our babies grow together to be friends.
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