DIY Shabby Chic Antique Table

Refinishing old pieces of furniture has recently become a new favorite hobby of mine.
Since John and I have moved to the new place I have been a home decorating fool.  
I have so many little projects that I've done that I can't wait to share.
Yesterday I shabby chic'd our old coffee table.  It is the easiest way to create a fun new piece of furniture FAST!

In 4 easy steps you can have a new "old" piece of furniture.

1. Sand down the furniture.
2. Wipe down the piece to remove excess saw dust.
3. Paint the piece with your color of choice. (at least two coats.  I use Behr Eggshell Antique White)
4. Let it dry then use medium grade sand paper and rough up the edges. (try to sand spots where the piece of furniture would have been bumped/scraped/hit naturally!)

Y2yRN7 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

To see my other DIY Shabby Chic piece of furniture click "here".


Amanda Moury said...

Ohmylanta - you should have your own DIY show on TLC or something! What a great idea and it totally changes the look of your room! :)

Sara said...

Lady Murphy, let me tell you what.

This blog you have here is WILDLY aesthetically pleasing.

I struggle to put my socks on in the morning without poking myself in the eye and you create deliciously elegant blogs about your fancy crafts and whatnots.

Go forth and vomit creativity on the masses, for it is a scarce treasure.

As are you.

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

What a beautiful house! This is why I am excited we are going to Georgia...built-in cabinetry!

christine donee said...

I wish I had something to do this to...

ConnieB said...

i loooove! Now if only I could find a cute table

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