Happy Sunday/new buttons

Happy Sunday!  Church was fantastic today.  Our new congregation sure is putting us to work!  John gave an inspiring talk today and I sang "How Great Thou Art" for the special musical number.  We felt like rock-stars.

I have really been thinking a lot lately about consistent spiritual nourishment.  I wouldn't go a day without feeding my physical body so why do I sometimes neglect my daily spiritual appetite?
I really want to make it a goal this week to try and nourish my soul with positive things each day.  I want to check in with myself and make sure that I am really saying meaningful prayers.
I know that someday I am going to be given the incredible responsibility to teach my little children about Jesus Christ and I want to be better prepared to do so.
Life is so full of things we can spend our precious time on and I want to make sure I am using the gift of time to it's fullest.

Here's to a week of spiritual productivity and nourishment!

p.s. We have new buttons to go with the new layout here at T&S! Grab one if you'd like!


Haley said...

Amen to it all! I'm working on nourishment for my whole self...mind, body, but especially my spirit. And with a little boy who's growing and learning at the speed of light, i can tell you it is so important to fill your well now so you have plenty to give when you have little ones to teach :) I'm constantly working on it...

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday :)

and cute buttons! don't mind if i do... ;)

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