i just want to bust it out

Yesterday I had the beautiful opportunity to join in with the Hotlanta Vocal Posse and sing parts from the Auratorio Americana by Stan Satlin.  It was at a Benefit concert to raise money to buy a piano for the Salvation Army School for the Blind in Jamaica.  It was pretty great, to say the least.  I love singing and I have missed it dearly.  I haven't had a voice lesson since Evaleigh has been born and I am so ready to get back.  
Lately I have just had to urge to belt out high opera notes at the top of my lungs!  I want to sing Je Veux Vivre or Glitter and be Gay and pour out my soul in my voice!  I want to sing high notes and feel the rush that only that vocal release and expression can give!  Its been bottled up for a little too long and yesterday shook me up and I am ready to let it out.

The beautiful part of it all was having my little family out there in the audience.  Evaleigh has been listening to this music since she basically existed.  I ran across this today in her journal.  The first time I ever felt her kick was while we were in the recording studio singing the very music we sang yesterday.

I loved looking out in the audience while we were rehearsing and seeing my sweet John bouncing Evaleigh in the baby Bjorn.  
It gave me tingles.

My father also came to the performance.  This morning I received this text message from him,
"I enjoyed being with you all yesterday. Thank you for singing again. That is what you are suppose to do along with being EJ's mom. I am glad you take her with you when you sing. She needs that from you always. I like it when she smiles at me. That gets her all the chili dogs and ice cream she wants."

I was made to sing. I love taking my little girl along with me and having her ears fed with beautiful inspiring song. She responds so much to music. I got my wish, she loves it just like me.

I just want to bust it out.

Right now.

But my baby is taking a nap so I will have to wait a little longer.


Christi Lynn said...

how cute! That's so great that you got to start lessons together. I bet you have an amazing voice...you just have the look haha. Did you ever receive that fox hat?

Unknown said...

Cute pictures! So cool y'all will be singing together! Last night I tried to get my husband to duet with me to A WHole new World, and he wasn't having it =/

Unknown said...

Cute pictures! So cool y'all will be singing together! Last night I tried to get my husband to duet with me to A WHole new World, and he wasn't having it =/

Unknown said...

these photos are so so adorable!


Unknown said...

I want you to bust it out! Can you please post a singing video every day? The opera video you linked to doesn't work :( But I like the songs you and hubs wrote! Lucky Evaleigh will be a music prodigy!

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Monique said...

Bahahaha! I was already grinning looking at your little angel's little cheeks, but bust out laughing at your post script in your journal. Those were moments during pregnancy I will never miss! Glad you got to sing your heart out!!

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I hope your baby doesn't know how to use her diaphragm until she starts using sentences for your sake :)

La Maman Heureuse said...

You guys look precious together :-) so great that little Evaleigh enjoys your singing

my baby girl is two and she just likes mama singing so much (she's just crazy about singing and music and dancing) I love it, couldn't imagine life without music

And I loved seeing that you kept a pregnancy diary, I did the same, such great memories to treasure!

Love from Belgium,


McKenzie said...

you truely do have an amazing gift!! and that is so sweet you can share it with your new little daughter!!


O'Leary Time said...

You were definitely made to belt it out. You have an amazing voice. I remember chorus days. Miss those days hearing great voices in my ears. Anyway, you were made for this. Have a blessed day.

O'Leary Time said...
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