off the charts

I can't even believe that is my two month old sitting in that chair.  He is enormous. Like not even on the growth charts enormous.  Yesterday at his two month appointment he weighed 16 pounds 9.5 ounces and he is 24.25 inches long.  I guess that's what you get when you have a 6 foot 3 husband.

Let me put it this way....earlier this week I had to pack up all of the newborn and 3 month clothing.  He now wears 6 month clothes.  There are so many cute things I had for him that he never even got to wear.  

He is smiling so much and is so interactive.  He loves when Evie gets right in his face and starts making noises and faces at him. 

Evie is obsessed with taking his socks off.  I keep having to put on new pairs during the day and then I come across little piles of socks where she throws them.  It's so weird.

He started sleeping through the night last week.  This is a total fluke and not because of anything I did. Evie didn't sleep through the night til well after she was a year old.  There are still a couple of nights he will wake up once but I am loving our schedule.

He has made life so much richer and more fun.  We adore him and there are moments I think I may squeeze him too hard because he's just so cute!


Anonymous said...

can't believe how fast he is growing!! such a handsome little man!! i love all your photos of you having two babies now!!

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