the party that never happened

Whew, this past week has been a blur.  Friday was Evaleigh's 2nd Birthday.  I decided to be all "I'm a cool pinterest mom" and put balloons in Evies room the night before her birthday so they would be a fun surprise for her when she woke up in the morning.  John and I crept up to her room after we heard her start to stir and I began recording a video to see her reaction.  Well, it went something like this...

Oh woops.
Oh thats throw up. 
You ok?  

It was horribly sad...and graphic.
Evie spent all of her birthday wrapped in sheets with a nasty stomach bug.  Since we didn't want to plauge our whole family with the sickness we had to cancel her party.  I was pretty sad about it.  Her Auntie flew in from Colorado and John's Dad and step-mom came up from Florida. We are hoping they didn't all go home with the bug.

So here it is, the party that never happened. It was supposed to be a sewing theme party with a vintage Holly Hobby sewing machine, old wooden thread spool garland, a spool cake topper, and a hand made sewn bday banner.

I have a 5 layer confetti cake sitting in my refrigerator that I have no clue what to do with. 

The good news is that by that night she was running around saying, "I two I two I two."  The bad news is, John and Avett and I all caught the bug too.  Hopefully we will all be back to normal by tomorrow. 

Happy 2nd Birthday darling, sorry you spent your special day trying to keep down bites of pedialyte popsicles.


Meghan Splawn said...

What a cute party that never was. Poor EJ. I hope you all are feeling better now. Our dear friends whole entire family had a stomach bug over Christmas - like holding bowls under their daughters while they opened their Christmas presents. Yuck.

April Rowell said...

TWO? Already??? Wow, time goes by fast. Such fun birthday decorations. I love your style :)

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