good days

During the day I find myself in the middle of doing some sort of mundane task.  
It could be loading the dishwasher and watching Avett smile at Evaleigh while she plays with playdough in her highchair.  
It could be playing outside and watching Evaleigh dunk her feet in the fountain with her socks still on.  
It could be a moment when I get distracted by something on my phone for a few minutes and then I look down to see Avett staring at me with bright eyes and a smile on his face watching my every move.  
It could be that long-awaited moment when John finally is done with work for the day and Evaleigh squeals for him to chase her around the living room, we all feel that same excitement, "Yay!  He is finally ours for the rest of the evening!"  
It could be the look John and I share when Evaleigh says something off the wall or makes a face we've never seen.
It could be laying in my bed and nursing our boy to sleep while I hear Evaleigh in the distance say "Ahhh" as she opens her mouth for John to brush her teeth and then I hear his heavy footsteps on the stairs as their voices fade softer and he carries her up to bed.  
It could be holding hands and falling on to the couch with John as we both let out a sigh once the babies are both asleep for the night.
These moments, however simple they may be, are the makings of good days.  I look around me and I know I am in them, the days I will look back on with warmth.  They are filled with so much love.  
I was having one of these moments last week when I had the children outside one afternoon. John was trying to fix our car for the 5th week in a row.  Evaleigh was in the big swing and I had Avett kicking on a blanket on the ground.  She was going as high as I could swing her and laughing and I just knew I wanted to remember that moment.  Sometimes when I'm having moments like that I close my eyes and say a quick prayer to God and ask him to help me to always remember that moment.  
Yesterday I was driving in the car by myself to get groceries.  My mother kept the children for me.  I rarely ever have time to myself where I can be quiet and think and just really talk to God like a friend.  So I just drove and prayed out loud.   I thanked Him for where we are in our lives right now.  I am so happy with my babies and my husband and our life together.  We are just where we should be and even though we are living somewhat of a penniless life right now, we are happier than we've ever been.  I wouldn't trade any wealth in the world for what we share.  I know these are the good days and I know there are many more to come.


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this post. Thank you.

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