f o u r. y e a r s.

 This week we celebrated four years of marriage.  A few years ago we came up with the idea to try to have an anniversry dinner in our wedding clothes each year.  Last year I was quite pregnant so this was the first chance we had to make good on that idea.  Yesterday I called John on his way home from work and told him to get ready for a suprise.  Evaleigh was enchanted with seeing me in my wedding gown and kept asking me to spin.  When he drove up the driveway I was standing in front of the house in my wedding dress.  I had Johns clothes laid out in the kitchen.  He slipped on his suit coat and we spent a little time outside.  We watched our baby roll around on the quilt I made out of the fabric from our reception table clothes.  Evaleigh played under the lace tablecloth we bought in Mexico on our honeymoon.  John put his arms around my waist and we took in the scene.  I said, "Look at what we've done in four years."  We both agreed that our babies are the best things we've done.  We had pizza for dinner and played music under the "blah-blah" tree for a few minutes after we got the babies to bed.  I love passing the time with my John.


Anonymous said...

what an awesome idea!!!!! Happy four years!

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