Almost there

It's  been a while.  Life is a whirlwind of burning all of our candles at all ends.  We are on the countdown of John graduating in 1 month.  I feel exhausted.  He feels exhausted.  But the end is near and I'm holding on to that.

We found a little house this past weekend that will become our new home.  It's a little 3 bedroom 2 story house with a red door and a big back yard. I'm anxious to see what kind of memories we make there. What kind of lessons in motherhood await me there and how we will all grow in love and patience and tolerance and grace together there. I hope, oh how I hope, that little Wren or Oakley join us there.  I look forward to new routines and a little extra space.  I look forward to a yard to run and create and imagine in.  

I feel nothing but gratitude for what we've had here at UGA.  It's stings a little to leave the friends we've made here but more than anything to watch Evie have to leave her friend.  She's learned a lot about friendship here.  I've been doing a lot of growing myself as I've had to learn to let her go.  "Mom, I want to play with Alba."  "I'll play with you Evie!" "No, that's ok, I want to play with Alba."   Growing pains.

I can feel myself growing.  Growing in depth of experience.  I feel like I'm being refined as I face my flaws every day.  Being a mother challenges the spectrum of everything I am and everything I want to be.  


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