A perfectly unconventional first meeting

Today my father finally got to meet our sweet 2 month old Rosemary. ­čî╣ We all missed him SO much.  Because he just beat cancer for the second time he is still immuno-compromised and we are all still taking precautions with COVID seriously. It had been 3 months since I put my arms around my father.  I couldn’t bare to see him and not be able to hug him.  So today I made a plastic barrier with arm holes and Lysoled every square inch of it so we could wrap each other up tight and still stay safe.  We’ve been through a lot in the past few months.  Loosing my grandfather and not being able to mourn together has been hard.  But today was a small step in the healing.  Embracing felt like the sigh of relief and love that we’d both been needing.  It felt safe and comforting and I’ve been longing for that moment.  The power of human touch and contact is medicine for the soul.  Watching him hold Rose for the first time was so special albeit the very weird circumstances.  We were starving for time together face to face and it meant everything to finally be able to be together again.  We love our Pawpaw. ❤️



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