My husband is obsessed with jalapeños

So, I guess this is what I get for marrying a man who served his mission in Mexico. Jalapeños in everything we eat. I have to buy them in bulk at Aldi. (Seriously, honest to good savings) It's worth our twenty minute drive to Woodstock just to buy our groceries from there.
Anyway, tonight was a delicious dinner, if you can consider it dinner at 4:45. John made us fried egg sandwiches with pepper-jack cheese and speared jalapeños. Seriously these things were the size of a fat person's pudgy fingers. He toasted the buttered and seasoned bread in the skillet. Yum!




However, I don't have a professional pepper eating mouth like Mr. Murphy. He is the champion of eating hot things. I struggled through the end of my sandwich, avoiding biting in to the peppers and just trying to swallow them whole!! I mean, come on, its just 4 inch jalapeños...

This was the final frontier....John says, "Just do it, its good for you!"...........

One massive glass of water later, all was good in the world.


Anonymous said...

the thing about spicy things is...it burns going in AND out. no fun! haha! i was about to make another comment about something you wrote...but it's too dirty;)
love you mrs murphs!

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