when the husbands away the wife will cave.

Last night I came home at 11:15, from almost 12 hours of babysitting, to an empty home.  John was invited for a racquetball and a video game marathon at my sister and her husbands home in Athens.  I will never understand men and their video games.  So...I had the night to my self.  What did I do?

1) Put on the most comfortable jammies I could find, included but not limited to a shirt I have had since Elementary school
2) Felt a little lonely with no one to snuggle with
3) Realized that was silly and told myself, "You can have fun by yourself, you like yourself."
4) Took a self portrait

5) Took off all of my make-up, let my hair down, and indulged in two guilty and unhealthy pleasures

6)  Netflixed a classic. Old movies are the cure for any secluded night

*Jane Russell completely out-shown Marilyn.  Sorry Mary.
I really enjoyed the movie except for the fact that the whole time I just kept thinking, "Jane Russell is Adam Cooper in drag! Jane Russell is Adam Cooper in drag!"  It was tripping me out the entire film.

Adam Cooper would make a beautiful female.

7) Did another self-portrait through the viewfinder of my Nanny's vintage Ricoh Singlex II

8)  Then I watched The Proposal and made snowflakes for a special Christmas decoration. Stayed tuned, it's going to be brilliant.  I made them out of some music sheets from an old vintage piano music book and maps from an old Atlas that John had in his car.

"Hello Washington, how will your Christmas be?"

I realized a few things last night. 

It's just as important to feed the relationship you have with yourself as it it is to feed the relationships you have with others.

Marriage has changed the way that I spend my time.  When I come home or have free time, the only thing on my mind is wanting to be with my husband.  But I realized last night that sometimes we have to step back and check back in with ourselves to make sure that we are doing what we need to feed our souls and stay connected to the "little I am" inside of us.  We can do this alone and with people but I just needed the reminder that being alone is a sweet time of self discovery and self love.  I had a great reunion with myself last night.  I think we will get together more often.


Natalie said...

I love this post, you are so so right. It looks like a wonderful evening alone, thanks for sharing it, I'm having one myself tonight! And your number 6 is hilarious, I can't believe how much they look alike!

Ashlee Martin Smith said...

I really, really needed this tonight. Your insight has inspired me. Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

um okay your project is clearly already amazing and i can't wait to see it.

this post is adorable. i can totally see you having a night like the girl from the holiday when she's alone in england.

and at least you found some productive fun things to do alone. i usually just eat the whole thing of ice cream plus whatever else i find in my kitchen and then lay there in a food coma. clearly me and myself have some issues to work out.

Anonymous said...

try another great movie called "how to marry a millionaire". it's adorable! also has marilyn in it.
ps...i recognize that shirt...;)

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

your so right when you get married your views changes on things , When I have time to myself I'm like yuppie I can clean and organize things ...instead if saying yuppi girls night hahahah . The treasures of life to change , but to have your own time is key to a successful marriage you get to miss each other more

6 years going strong

great post

vintch said...

what a fabulous post! your christmas decorations are going to be awesome-can't wait to see the finished product! and hey, the rockstar drink had GINSENG...duh, totally healthy in my book:)!

that last paragraph was so poignant. love what you wrote about the "little I am." we are better wives, friends and daughters when we take time to nourish the woman within us.

Amy said...

Looks like you had a lovely evening! Loving those snowflakes & that incredible camera!

Unknown said...

This is so cute....I loved that the first thing you did was eat something bad for you! Totally something I would do!!

Abbey said...

So incredibly true! I've had problems with that recently, and I can't wait until I have a break from school so I can do what I need! :) Love those snowflakes!! Can't wait to see more!

Jessica Holly said...

I love this! I totally agree, I always prefer to cuddle up to my hubby. But it is important to spend time alone and watch girlie movies... preferably the oldies.
P.S. love the snowflakes! I may have to steal that idea!

Amanda Moury said...

Alright Mrs. Murphy, I have a couple of things
1. I LOVE putting on the most comfie jamies you can find, even if that includes jr.high spirit wear.
2. I <3 Ben and Jerry's Phish Food and Half Baked too!
3. You are super cute with your curly hair looking like lion's mane! :)
4. I got really excited when I saw the WA snowflake because that's where I live! And I've been to a lot of the cities you can see! :)

Great post! Happy weekend! :)

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

So, so, true. I need and want and LOVE me time. When my husband goes out of town, it's like a mini vacation for me!! But you were much more productive on your evening-alone than I usually am!! hehe!!

-Sam I Am- said...

This entire post made me smile! I love the "me time" part of it all :) and btw you are so gorgeous even with no make up, hair down, lettin' loose kinda night! Hope you have had a great rest of your weekend and enjoy the hubs returning :)

Kell said...

Your night looks like it was wonderful. Also, I have a camera just like that, that was my dads. :)

ConnieB said...

You are so right - nights to yourself are so important! How FUN!

I LOVE your snowflakes!!! I can't wait for this decoration- I need inspiration!

Becs said...

Oh my goodness your blog is to die for!! I love that you watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on Netflix, I get on at least once a week to watch it! You and your hubby are adorable and I love how in love you are!

Anonymous said...

oh your night looks so super relaxing! i'm terrible at being alone, but i do think we need those every now and then... if for no other reason than to choose what's on the tv :) i maybe would've like an alone night last night when football had been on for about 1 million hours!

defining amy said...

snowflakes out of maps??!!!! genius!! i know exactly what i'll be doing this weekend. hope you don't mind. :)

Young People in Love said...

Good for you. Loved this post :)

Amy @ AGirlCalledBeloved said...

what an awesome post! you are so right about that!
loved the snowflakes!
p.s. that is my favorite ice cream. not kidding.

lindsay said...

i couldn't agree with you more...your take on spending time with yourself is so incredibly perfect...like you took the words right out of my mouth :)

i think i need to spend some time and get togehter with myself too. matthew has a bachelor party to go to this saturday...i think this will be the perfect time ♥ thank you for the inspiration.
ps that vintage camera is a dream!

Missus Real said...

Fantastic Post. I know I feel this way all the time as a military member and a military spouse. The hubby and I have spent half of our marriage apart. It is incredibly important to remember who you are outside of your relationship. Because who you really are shines most when you are alone...

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