half way

Ok, this pregnancy is going waaaayyyy too fast.

I remember counting every second of every day with EJ and wondering what she was doing in there all of the time.  This poor little guy is lucky if I remember not to squish him bending over to pick up Evie at least 15 times a day.
For the first little while I didn't even think about being pregnant but now with his tiny kicks there to remind me he is in there, I think about it much more.  
Almost every morning Evaleigh wants to get out our heart doppler and listen to the 'babeee' in my belly.  She will bend down and kiss my tummy and I think my heart will explode from joy.

I'm NOT ready for two babies.  I suppose we will settle in and find our own rhythm but for now I am soaking up my days with Evie.  Last night I was talking to my mother and she said, "Sadly some of these days will fade in to the background and you will forget what it was like to only have one."  I hear other moms say that and it kind of makes me sad because what EJ and I have going on is pretty special.  I love our little life together and that she has all of me every day.  I know we will love having A.M.M. around too, but I just can't imagine it yet.  

I've finally popped and I love it.  I just love pregnant bellies. Keep growing little guy, I know you'll steal my heart soon.


Unknown said...

I can’t believe that baby is already half baked! You don’t know me but I knew your cute hubby in Lamar and I love reading your blog! I’ve also been thinking recently about how quickly the time passes and all these sweet moments I have with my baby boy are going to go away or change drastically! But then I realize that each new little phase we enter is just as beautiful as the last :) I also take comfort in the fact that in the eternities we will have a perfect memory and will be able to come back to these wonderful moments in our hearts and re-experience the joy we felt there. So exited for you and John!

Holly said...

You look so cute! Love those pants.

Jessica Holly said...

Pregnancy looks good on you lady!!

essay writing service australia said...

pregnancy is a beautiful part of life and I love how you described it. It does go too fast and I can speak from personal experience because when my wife was pregnant, it went by way too quickly.

Call for papers said...

You still looking adorable and fresh even with pregnancy. Usually women get weiered in these days. Wish you a happy ending with a healthy baby.

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