under the magnolia tree

This past weekend my little EJ and I had a date to Piedmont Park.  I would say it was glorious but it wasn't.  Evie has been sick for almost two weeks and we have had two doctor visits and two ER trips.  She has not been herself at all.  
It turns out our little lady was battling a mean case of mono.  It's all of that kissing I tell you.  She wants to kiss everything from John and I to her stuffed animals to pictures of animals and even her books and our candles and my laptop.

So Saturday after dropping Lisa's dad off at the Landmark theater to see a British film we popped over to the park. Outside is one of her all time favorite things, it ranks up there with puppies and shredded cheese.  I thought surely it would cheer her up but I only managed to get one smile while she was laying in my lap under the magnolia tree.  

Luckily we are on the other side of things.  I really think today was the first day she was herself again! Hooray for fever free nights and scream free days!


Maree Allred said...

So glad that she is finally on the mend!! Poor thing!

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