a southern summer saturday

A couple of weekends ago my sister was here with her babies and my father came to the house to see everyone. It was one of the most charming and perfect Saturday's I've had.  

Ma father came in with Chic-fil-a for everyone and it was a lifesaver as my sister and I are learning that cooking, serving, feeding, and cleaning up after 4 children and 4 adults is quite the commitment!

Afterward we all went to the living room where Evaleigh and Parker took turns alternating putting on ballerina shows and ninja shows.  It was one of the first times our children have ever performed for us like that and all of the sudden I just felt like such a mom beaming at Evaleighs every move.  The had the perfect flick of her wrists and her movements were just so natural.  She got up on her tip toes, in her hand me down ballet slippers from ruby, as good as I've ever seen any ballerina do!  She extended her arms and looked over her should with drama and poise. I was so proud to be seeing this for the first time and to watch my father take it all in with his laughter about it all.

Then the children got restless and antsy inside so we moved the concert out doors. We drug out the patio furniture, plugged in the sound system and it was the perfect back drop for the rest of the sunny breezy afternoon.  

Everyone just played their part perfectly, john threw discs around the yard and the children went in and out of running the find them and following him around. Evaleigh continued to dance on the porch.  Joe slept on the couch inside. Avett fed the cows.  Rebekah and I talked while dad pulled the kids in the wagon, drove them around in his car, and just simply observed the memories in the making. The kids all had Popsicles on the porch and was just as summer Saturday's should be.

I'll always cherish that day.


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