Joy school

Now that we are settling in to the school year it's time to add yet another thing in to our crazy schedules.  We will be starting joy school with evaleigh the first week of September. I completely took down the dining room table and carried each piece down to the basement.  The children used my extra tools to "help" disassemble.  I love their little willing and helpful spirits.  Just tonight as Deb and the kids and I were getting out of the car to eat a quick dinner at sonic Evie reached over to Avett's seat and said, "don't worry I'll get Avett out." Something so simple made me so proud.

We printed out rules for our classroom and have already been singing the songs all over the place! Evaleigh put her own special twist on one, "we do not hit or kick or spit." Close enough my dear.

I drug down (all by my self against the will of my bad back) the cube storage from Evies room and then promptly replaced it with my mother's childhood dresser that was collecting dust in the garage.  I can't stand for things to be out of place too long. So how our joy school room looks crisp and organized.

I look forward to teaching her about the joy of life and living.  And I can tell she is looking so forward to it too!


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